How the Use of Social Media Affects Our Professionalism

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These days, the usage of social media helps in building a professional identity for a new career. As a health informatics specialist, creating a connection with experts in the field would benefit you to grow your social capital and to be recognized.

Therefore, professional identity could be enhanced by using social media, which includes “the production and sharing, discussion, and interaction with content, and collaborative connection with other social media users”. Accordingly, social media offers opportunities for job seekers to interact with employers in modern ways. And these tools can be used to benefit you professionally and personally.

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Furthermore, recruiting is one of the aspects that has been influenced by social media. In fact, job applicants use social media by 79% in their job hunt; in contrast, 70% of the managers screen their candidates during the recruitment process. Many institutions and organizations have an account on Linkedin, which is one of the most professional platforms used for recruiting and marketing.

During the recruiting process, having an account on LinkedIn will give you the advantage to promote your communication skills through internet channels, as Michelle Brammer said: ‘Social media gives you a chance to showcase your ability to network and engage with others.”

This essay will emphasize the use of social media and how it impacts our profession to improve your opportunity of getting the job. In the next sections, I will explain which application I’m going to use in each stage and how to increase my professionalism through time.

Including accurate social media details to your resume can be an excellent way to show the skills that you have. Obviously, LinkedIn would be the choice when it comes to searching out jobs and submitting a resume using social media. At this stage of submitting your resume and so on, your social media profiles will be checked to make sure any of the content is worthy of being included.

Before you go for a job interview, practice word skills and how to market yourself to increase your appeal during interviews. Check out the organization page on LinkedIn and learn how to create a common interest with the section manager. For this reason, engage with their platforms and be proactive, creative, and genuine to grow your social capital. As a result, becoming identifiable by potential employers and peers is so easy, and they will notice that you’re a professional ready to work hard.

Two skills you should focus on during this stage: 1) your presentation layout in a neat and direct way, 2) know your audience by practicing over and over again. During the presentation, be confident and present on time and accept all the comments you might get. Opposite from the previous two stages, here you will not need social media to support you since you already created a connection.

In conclusion, make sure that what you put online is what you’d be proud of a future employer to see. All of these are things that allow your employer to know a little bit about who you are without you broadcasting it yourself. Social media can be very helpful in your job hunt and application process if used the right way. Most importantly, we are in the technology era but we should put in our mind that social media is just a tool; real interaction and good presenting as well small efforts its really make different in a real life.  

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