How the Use of the Internet Changed the English Language

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The internet has drastically impacted the English language since the past decade. This is mainly because of the increasing of technological advancements and increased work and home assignments given by schools. People in the earlier times used to write letters and send them via pigeons or some other simple courier services this used to build up suspense and an enthusiasm for people who used to write or the ones who used to receive it. In today’s day when a message is sent it takes no more than seconds to reply back to the person sending it.

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The main problem which is now occurring is the decreasing level of English language. Today’s generation likes everything fast, which then leads to the grammatical error’s and slang being extensively used while writing text and to some extent sometimes even emails. Now because of technology being so advanced that everyone is expected to complete more work in a lesser amount of time. This specially applies to the kids today. This in my opinion is a never ending process and it will at one point turn itself in a completely different language altogether. We now are asking for better things at the cost of the foundations which were used to build them. At this point people just used abbreviation while writing text or even during business presentation to save space and optimally utilize space, but very soon it might take over our daily life.

And in today’s generation being funky is a trend, the funkier you are the more easily you are expected in society by everyone. This also greatly affects the English language to a great extent. People make up their own slangs of particular words upload it on social media and if it is something out of the ordinary it gets viral and soon becomes a word which is used in every sentence possible. This causes people to get diverted from the purer form of English and adopt a more unlike form of English. A survey conducted by BBC English Language has shown how kids in the USA are brought up so much around the slangs and abbreviation of words. That they don’t have a basic foundation of English and they haven’t heard words such as mesmerizing. This proves how badly English has been affected by the internet’s growing. For example:

  • I don’t know
  • Cause
  • In my opinion
  • Talk to you later
  • Let me know
  • Laugh my ass off

This example is taken from a very actively used social media website called twitter. They have something called tweets which are basically comments you can give on any general topic. These is just one of the big names in the social media world. People in their daily lives because of the large amounts of work been given find it easier to use abbreviation and slangs to send the message through to the opposite person. Above are the most common slangs used by people to pass the message through. This might reduce the work of typing and reduce wastage of a few seconds. The question know is “Are you willing to give up on those few seconds”.

The new generation teaching now want to adopted these slangs keeping in mind that it will be helpful in the transition which they think might happen later on. Parents to keep up with the times are also adopting this new way of speaking so it is easier to mingle with the kids. The above example clearly shows how the parents are trying to keep up with their children. Each year oxford has to update its dictionaries with the new words. The sad part about this problem is that English is the only language facing this problem, this is mainly due to the massive amounts of people speaking it.

Now coming to the conclusion, English is the base of many languages. The evolving of the language might just be for the better and it was a long awaiting change which is slowly taking shape. It is just the way we look at it, people who know the depths of the language will disagree unlike others giving random opinions. Although the way I see it this change can be easily reversed and the integrity of the language being hold strong again.

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