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How The Words Masculinity And Femininity Are Misused Nowadays

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In today’s society news spreads like fire in a tunda full of dead grass, but more specifically ill news. rarely does a person ever hear someone gossip about about how nice or kind an individual is or if that person does hear something nice they are way less prone to consider or even remember these details if said person commits an act They disagree with. This has to do with a lot of things, some being perspective, emotion and other variables. These people aren’t wrong to look at someone different for inaprobited act or behavior committed by them, however they should first consider, if they are judging from skeptical evidence, difference cultures/background or if they are stereotyping or compare to someone with a similar attributes.

Stereotype are important to leave out in arguments for example men have been viewed as masculine and women as feminine since the words were invented in the 1800s and definition has varied from person to person but the literal definitions are, “having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness. Masculin and “the quality of being female; womanliness.” Feminine notice how a woman can be masculine but a man can’t be feminine. Also notice how masculinity is associated with physical characteristics and emotions and femininity is compared to a broad word, womanliness. To set the record straight the definitions should read. Having qualities traditionally associated with men (masculine) and having qualities traditionally associated with women (feminine). These words should not be altered by words that change the meaning like toxic because toxic masculinity is used to feed into the stereotype that all men are overpowering and ruthless towards women.

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For many people, the toxic ideas of masculinity are synonymous with being a man. The problem is about what we allow to be the definition of “being a man”. Yes men have been viewed as capable of treating women as equal humans because of their natural ability to produce more muscles than a typical woman however a study comparing rape data that was published by cathy young through time magazine in 2014 showed that In 2010 and equal 1.1 percent of the population of men and women were rape and in 2011 1.7 percent of females and 1.6 percent of males were raped. This evidence might seem shocking because because it is technacle false. According to the united states judicial system male rape is only counted if the male is penetrated not if the male is unable to give consent and is force to pentrate another human. In other words, if being made to penetrate someone was counted as rape publishers would find that women rape men almost as often as men rape women. Furthermore Rape is not going to be solved by blaming one gender or blaming masculinity and/or femininity. Eliminated rape will be achieved if both men and women work together to educated a better man and woman. And ending the use of the manhood and womanhood as an insult. notice how often sex and sexlessness comes up as an insult when a man wants to insult another man. An insult like this true or not can feel like it sets that man a step down in the hierarchy of masculinity because culturally speaking.

Sex is an important part of “being a man”. Sexual relations are used to define the passage into manhood. The need for sex is no longer hormonal but cultural because the more of it you have, the higher “status” you have as a man. The ideal of manliness has worpedito in to sex and power is everything while emotions are a weakness and “feminine” traits witcheed could be defined as vulnerability or not being hypersexual could hinder your status as “man”. Which brings us to the outcome of this race for power culture and as Detroit Lions linebacker Deandre Levy said when assed about the topic “It’s truly astounding how many awful things that occur in this world because men are afraid of appearing weak.” meaning to feel equal as a successful man/woman one might go through drastic measures to “get rid” of their own weakness. However they feel necessary but men need to know that weakness is not your lack of power or sexual drive weakness is submitting to others toxic grasp on you some examples are bullying. Bullying has been linked to many killings and aggressions another is dominance in a work related environment, if a person of higher authority is using said person from there one personal benefit.


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