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How Thomas Edison Teach Us Not To Give Up

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There goes a saying that: “Adversity causes some men to break while others to break record”(William Arthur Ward) Thomas Edison, being the youngest child of a family which have seven kids, was expelled from school and taught by his mother, sold candy in train carriages at an early age while kept researching and experiencing in his self-created laboratory and finally become one of the greatest inventor of all time. The story is the life of Thomas Edison-the inventor of the light bulb which generates an industrial revolution all over the world. Edison was and will always be the representative of a hopeful man, who surpass his own ability in spite of several arduous challenges. In this essay, there will be reasons for people’s weakness to give up as well as persons who have left behind their difficulties and set their own record.

“We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving, and we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.”(L. May Alcott). The quote have presented one of the most common reasons for people’s sponge in life: lost of belief in themselves. Receiving several criticisms from friends as well as others, people will become afraid to try, to experience new thing and become inferiority of themselves. For instance, a black teenager will be afraid to dance in the school’s festival because of his color skin being ridiculed as the lower races. However, be that as it might be, Nelson Mandela, the first black president, have certainly surpassed the races barrier thanks to his talent and determination as a president. To sum up, self-confidence is a crucial manner for a person to bravely complete their match without fear of criticising.

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The second reason for people giving up is their indolent and lack of managing time and work while doing a task. Having an Inconsequential schedule, people will find it much more difficult to complete a task as the period of working can be too long or too short, which can cause both tiredness and less effective. For example, a timetable of a student is too dense can create the feeling of boredom every time he works and can lead to the boy’s scariness of studying. However, a too space-less timetable is not working, also. The boy will just have to much time of doing his own habit instead of studying his homework. So, a well-managing schedule can be the best support for your work.

However, in order to solve the problem effectively, solutions must be under consideration. To people who afraid of criticism and underestimate themselves, learning to build their own belief and motivation is the best way to get rid of the issue. Going to church, listen to music, create social relations and sometimes eating will do the matter. if these do not work, find and see a psychology doctor diagnose your mental state is also cost-effective, by the way. With these methods, your squareness and loss of belief in self-abilities can be rebuilt day by day until it disappears. About people who have difficulties in time-managing, rebuild their schedule is obviously on the list of solutions. Instead of deciding how many hours of working or study a day, people should clearly analyze the job and separate the progress day by day but never forget to set time for entertaining and relaxed.

In conclusion, according to Edison’s life story, we now learn that the determination to overcome adversity and surpass our limitation in fact not as difficult as we imagined. With the suitable schedule as well as a certain feeling of confidence in our own ability, difficulties can be solved easily.


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