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How Time Travels Might Change Our Life

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Time Travel

Having the ability to travel through time could not only be fun to do, but could also make our lives safer, more time efficient, and allow us to achieve our maximum potential. The time travel watch can send someone anywhere along the timeline, from before they were born to past their death. Using this watch can place anyone in any event in time at any time they wish. The potential this watch could have on society could change our lives forever.

The watch is just like any other watch, except it runs on uranium, and instead of telling time, there is a dial on it that places who ever wears it in the date and time that is selected. To activate it, there is a button on the side that you hold down for three seconds to fully send you back or forward in time. If not held down for three seconds, the time travel function won’t be activated. This is a safety feature just on the odd chance that it accidentally sends someone somewhere when they don’t want to travel with a simple click of the button. It can be worn by any person of any size wrist and is indestructible so that the space time continuum is not interrupted. Along with it being unbreakable, it can also withstand any type of damage from water, dirt, sweat, snow, and any other debris from clogging up the dials, gears, and the button. The watch is easily adjustable and is comfortable to wear, and the battery never runs out because of the ability to go back in time to when the battery was fully charged.

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By using this watch, one could prevent certain conflicts in history. Preventing 9/11 and World Wars I and II are both examples of events that shouldn’t have happened and could be prevented from happening by going back in time with the knowledge we have today. With the knowledge of today, we could increase security measures, make better political decisions, and stop the terrorists from getting onto the planes crashed into the twin towers and prevent Hitler from trying to take over Europe and killing millions of innocent people. This would not only save millions of lives but also help global economies by not enduring the loss of the world trade or the spending of money on the world wars. By preventing major disasters in our past, we could potentially better our present and future plans.

For the fun part, people could, for example, use this watch to extend their vacations as long as they want or go back to them. They could make their classes or work days go by faster, extend study time for upcoming tests, or even skip tests, taking knowledge obtained in the future and bringing it back to the present to bring advances to our world quicker. Another example could be a tired employee at work that didn’t get enough sleep the night before; he or she could go back in time to the night before, and get to bed earlier to get the sleep they need to perform their work duties. Finally, if you’re in a situation that you don’t want to be in or shouldn’t be in, the watch can quickly get you out of the situation and where ever it is you would rather be. This watch could make all of our lives more comfortable, relaxing, stress-free, and enjoyable.

With time travel, a lot of things could occur. Situations could change, improve, worsen, or just stay the same based on changes made along the timeline. The time travel watch will not be cheap, but will be well worth its price. Imagine being stuck in a situation you were in that you wished that you could just get out of, well now you can go from being in that situation to where ever or whenever you want to be away from that situation. If you purchase a time travel watch, it will be guaranteed to change your life forever; however long it lasts, that is.


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