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Self-improvement has always been an important aspect of society especially for the individuals who aren’t necessarily involved. Naturally, society carries some human beings that lack a sense of hygienic lifestyles. In the midst of a millennial’s life redefining the counter progressive thought on gender, hygiene is crucial in how one is viewed. One advertisement does a great job at including emotional appeal, by adding specific strategies such as slow music and appeal to his children, to help connect with the audience. It focuses mostly on how every hero sweats. Throughout the ad, the reader is introduced to a father who wakes up every morning and focuses on his appearance by applying the Gillette deodorant for men. We then are presented with short pieces of how he is a hero and his daily life in the army. The other ad focuses on women’s empowerment. The advertisers want you to see that women don’t suffer as much from sweat as men do; however, if they do use the deodorant it would result in them becoming more superior in a sense. In the ad we see different women working in many different jobs and it shows that they are extremely dedicated. It also shows credibility because these women who are working in men-based jobs are using the product and are enraptured with the deodorant. The intended audience is all women regardless of their ages to connect the genders. One of the biggest influences that can be observed from the ad is the feminist movement, a movement of female empowerment that has swept over the country in recent years. The two advertisements manifest specific stereotypes of gender hygiene that only men sweat. They both reinforce these insecurities by introducing an alternative route to these counter progressive hygienic affirmations by creating an alternative route to use the product. The advertisements’ goals are to fabricate the individuals and encourage them to make the step to become a bigger person, more superior than others, which can only be achieved through self-discipline.

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Both advertisements present many different strategies to persuade the audience to take action on the product. Some of the strategies that both ads utilize are emotional appeal, gender-specific, and manipulation. The emotional aspect of the “Every Hero Sweats” advertisements is the inclusion of a perfect life and a perfect family that the audience might not particularly have. The “All Strength, No Sweat “ad cooperates emotions by initiating women empowerment by showing they are capable of achieving anything. The gender-specific aspect focuses mostly on targeting the male-dominated population. We know this because the advocate is a male and also the audience is broadcasted his daily life as a man. On the other hand, the “All Strength, No Sweat “targets the female-dominated populations, this is prevalent because once again the advocates are all females. The two advertisements attempt to create an image that if you use the product then you will be above everybody else and more successful. This was accomplished in the male ad by presenting a man that uses the product and how he is both a hero of his country and his kids. They do this to show the audience that if you do use the product then you would also be a hero in a sense, but a hero of the body instead because you are taking care of yourself. The female ad also was successful in creating an image of superiority because they are referencing the feminist movement and are staging a variety of different women in men-based jobs.

The “Every Hero Sweats” advertisements overall do their job at connecting with the audience as well as creating a solution to problems society may have. The campaign shows the duality that many service members experience—balancing commitments between work and family. It also shows the struggle many faces when they have to re-enter civilian life and find a job. The message that the advertisers are attempting to spread is that there is hope for a better and more stable life. This ad not only targets the people who were in the military but also targets people who cannot find a balance between family and work. The title “Every Hero Sweats, Some Never Show It” fits perfectly. The goal of that title is to connect every person in society by stating they everybody is heroes in their own way, but some people present it differently than others. Another aspect that the ad presents is that family is the most important and they will always be there for you even though you might not be able to balance time out for them.

The “All Strength, No Sweat “advertisement does its job at assisting women with their fight for equality. The message they created was that women are capable of achieving anything and everything, and every woman is special in their own way. The advertisement celebrates those who boldly challenge the status quo, push through barriers and stand up for what they believe in, without “sweating” the obstacles that may come their way. The lyrics serve as a rallying cry for ladies of all kinds, encouraging them to take satisfaction in their power, their mindset, and their proper to claim what they deserve in life – whether that’s a struggle for a seat at the table, in the boardroom, or performing as a positive instance to ladies in Hollywood   

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