How to Become a Successful Athlete


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Cleveland Johnson a was a 7-year-old kid who always watched football on TV and played it on his video game. Cleveland always wanted to play football in real life but didn’t know what it took to be an elite football player like the ones he saw on television and in the video game. So, like every kid he begins has a favorite professional athlete that is his role model he starts to watch videos YouTube of professional football players training and exercising. He finds them very hard because they are fast, long and exhausting, so he starts to reconsider playing football when he does the workouts that professional athletes do. then he goes back to watching videos and hears every athlete say that becoming an elite athlete is not an overnight process and it’s not always easy, so he gets motivated again and starts to work day by day to get to where he wants to be, so he starts to set up a training log, maintaining discipline when he’s training by setting a specific time, changes his diet to more healthier foods and drinks, and then he begins to watch more videos on football to understand the game of football not just for entertainment.

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There are many ways to become a successful athlete and it is a process that takes time, some longer than others, in some cases it seems more difficult than others. In every situation, it takes preparation to become a great athlete. The steps to becoming a successful athlete are complex but simple. Being a good athlete is about more than just being great at a sport. There are three major parts to a being great player. The first part is mental, you must develop a hard-working mentality when preparing your mind and attitude for being the best you can be at your sport which is the key part. Preparing your mind is important because it is the key to having a positive attitude on your what you must do, and when it gets hard you must push through.

Combining a good mentality with good practice habits and a healthy lifestyle can help you continue to improve your physical ability and become best at your sport. For athletes to deliver their best performance, they have to have the necessary physicalities and attitude, the mental discipline doesn’t mean anything without that. The last one is being coachable which is most important when playing a sport, it is one of the key attributes of a being a player besides work ethic, mentality, attitude and physical abilities. Being coachable is one of life’s most important skills and attitudes, whether or not you’re an athlete. It is important to be coachable not only as an athlete but as a person who wants to grow, learn, improve, excel and perform at your peak. You should care about whether or not you’re coachable. being coachable is a result of productivity, It will also show that you’re ready to do what it takes to change, transform, or improve, whatever that means to you.

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