How To Build A Great Team

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Great teams are formed by variety of minds which are focused on being productive and doing their tasks the ultimate way. Which is essential if you have good group dynamics in the team. Understanding the importance of keeping the group dynamics positive can increase the productivity and the performing of the team members.

As a big team with a diversity of talents, No Limit has quite of experience in managing a healthy team dynamics. Here are some tips that will help to improve the working environment. Of course the first thing that should be done is creating the right environment. And by right we mean welcoming and friendly. It is all about teamwork so think about ways that will help your team members feel accepted and appreciated.

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The next step is to identify the team goals. By doing that everyone will be working towards one direction and will know that they are responsible for the achieved success.

It is important for a team to work together and have similar perspective on how things should be done. This can be worked out using group making decisions. By doing this the knowledge base is expanded, the decision is well thought out and accepted by the members. Also if the problem is complicated and has many aspects, the group members can divide it to smaller tasks between themselves. The decision making process takes time and efforts so the whole team has better chances taking the right decision than the individual.

Working towards a collective decision involves good communication. The boundaries have to be removed to avoid any unclearness and confusion. A healthy communication is the key to the quality process. Creativity comes from sharing ideas. Everyone has to display a point of view, but has to both talk and listen. Group members have to make connections with one another, not only through the team-leader. Face-to-face communication and developing interactions helps creating bonds between team members and of course a stable team dynamics.

Working ethics and responsibility has to be taken seriously as well. If you want to create good team-players you have to set some ground rules. Everyone has to be responsible for each their action, to find their own solutions and to make progress. No one should be left behind or making all the work. You can though your team into doing that by using strategies to keep them focused and hard working.

Keeping the team spirit and the productivity high is not an easy job. It includes gaining trust and creating good relationships. This can be done by using group working methods like brainstorming, progress-check, stand-ups, group activities, team-buildings, etc. Optimizing teamwork influence group dynamics and helps the employees unlock their good qualities to high-performing potential. Some companies use evaluation methods to stimulate their teams. The evaluation systems include analysis, observing the growth potential, measuring of success and other tactics to create focused and productive team mindset. The progress review can be stressful for some, so show your team that it is valued and that you are thankful to have them working with you. Always give feedbacks and don’t leave anyone in the unknown. As we said before if the communication is not decreed the teamwork will suffer.

Many factors influence the team dynamics and we at No Limit know it is crucial to work over them because positive dynamics lead to creativity and poor group dynamics lead to bad decision making. Success comes from good teams who are working in one direction and cheer together.


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