How to Control Time and Be Punctual

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Time control has usually helped humans to prepare their lives for a long time, whether it is a private or expert stage of their existence. the present literature suggests mixed findings and there's no clarity as to whether, whilst, how, and why time control is vital to consequences together with properly-being and task overall performance. moreover, insights relevant to time control are across various businesses and it enables in improving different aspects of lifestyles.

Time management has three perspectives from diverse fields and domains through integrating and synthesizing by addressing each problem. The two key concepts time norms and time concepts help in understanding the sociology of time. Stages of Influences on the time management outcomes are caused by illustrating time norm function and time systems on the organization and team. The effect of time management and its outcomes on humans varies by preferences, attitude, time-related ideas and it reveals how we can draw the psychology of time.

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The time control choices depend on the behavioral literature to describe cognitive biases. The time control literature re-interrupt the conflicting consequences beyond research to know how diverse sets of fields affect by integrating insights. The relationship between time management and desirable outcomes depends on how organizations and individuals can implement interventions that offer direction for future research and its implications.

This new era of business practices and changing disruptive technologies making industries move towards the real-time enterprise. Customers expect managers to respond and deliver products rapidly as online digital platforms expanding their wings with leaps and bounds of opportunities. It is important to ask what exactly real-time mean to managers in organizations. Real-time management helps to understand how enterprises capture business value especially when organizations' culture, process, and structure must be established to operate in real-time.

Real-time management offers opportunities for business to expand their business effectiveness and their marketing by removing the time gap between data collection and production should be reaching near-zero downtime. Managers can interact with the customers and see how they react to everything they do .so in this scenario real-time management help enterprise stay relevant and competitive.

Managers think of time as define flow and clock time as opposed to each other, time is taken for granted very often in the organizations. On a clock, scale time can be understood as predictable, continuous and it is measured by the past present, and future. Clock time is an integral part of our personal identity, action, achievement defining who we are in historical moments. Managers can ask for our past works depending on the project which they are doing and ask to make a decision on how time can be managed in the process of the project and give the final estimation. This makes us think what we did right in the past helps to have a collective, coordination and control by the clock time. While clock time indicates the length of the project time, real-time indicates the present moment.

As per the research, Time management plays an important role in shaping a student’s academic performance. Time management mechanism helps the student to set goals and priorities so Every student should have time management ability. The basic problems for students which constrain them from managing time are spending hours on social networking sites with no proper schedule, guidance, missions, organization, target, objectives, and social engagement.

College students may generally feel that there is not enough time to complete all their work without delay and It is even more important for medical students who have one of the most time-taking majors. The quality of life can be improved by time management. The important practices which help in improving quality of life are tools, skills, and systems.

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