Ways to Fight Dependence on Technology

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Technology is great. It helps us to get things done, connect with people around the world and has advanced the living standards of individual dramatically. But there is a dark side. Technology can be overwhelming. Some of the effects of technology overload are it can seriously affect our social interaction with other people which is a part of human nature and day-to-day living. Technology overload can also affect your health, it can lead to physical and psychological strain. In order to avoid these effects, there are steps people can take to deal with this.

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The first step to cope with technology overload is to find something else that’s interesting and beneficial to you. Rather than sitting inside playing with the device, we can hang out with family or friends, exercise or find new hobbies that involve little to no technology. Try putting away the phone whenever we are spending with families or with friends. There are many things that we can do to limit the amount of time spent using technology.

Another way to cope with this is to have a proper time management. Sometimes the issue is not about the technology but instead, it is about time management. Rather than checking email every time it pop up on your notification, only check your email twice a day. This is the same with social media. Schedule a certain time to check on your social media. Turn off the internet during work hours. Avoid using social media during designated work or study times. Create a schedule that includes time for everything whether it is for work or personal activities and then stick to it.

Other than that, use only one social media. There are many types of social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more but instead of being an active member of multiple sites, consider using one as your primary social media outlet.

Lastly, get professional help if necessary. If one still feel like they are overwhelmed by the technology, get help from a mental health professional. Professional psychologists can help you learn to prevent and address stress, not to mention adjust the lifestyle to one that may help you feel overwhelmed less often. This is the last resort if doing all of those things did not work.

In conclusion, technology has a lot of advantages to us but there is also a disadvantage. We need to use it in moderation and know how to balance it.

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