How to Effectively Manage Stress: Easy Ways

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Getting overwhelmed has become a norm these days. While juggling over daily activities in school, work, family, and or other commitment, one become stressed out. Therefore, one must inculcate skills and set time asides to unwind physical and or mental health issues/suffering resulting from stress. Somehow, it seems like there is nothing we can do about stress, mainly because the daily norms, including bills and responsibilities which are stressors, will continue to be demanding. What’s imperative to know is that we have ultimate control over our daily activities. Self-control is the foundation of stress management. This paper will convince the reader with knowledge on how to manage stress in daily endeavors.

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The first step in stress management is the recognition of stress stressor. Although this sounds very straightforward, pinpointing the pedigree of chronic stress is more intricate. Conversely, stressors such as moving, job changing, and divorce are evident, but others that are critical such as feeling, behaviors, and thoughts which might be overlooked contribute to significant levels of stress. Therefore, it is necessary to look closely into one’s excuses, habits, and attitudes while identifying the source of stress in a quest for managing stress.

Secondly, practicing 4A’s stress management plays an essential role in managing stress. Despite stress being an automatic response to the nervous system, predictable stressors such as job meetings necessitate handling with ‘four A’s (Avoid, Alter, Adapt, and Accept)’ concept in mind. The four A’s theory is vital as is depicts that one should learn to keep and stick to personal limits either in personal or professional life. More importantly, the concept depicts that one should avoid stressors such as people and limit time spent and relationship with them besides taking control of owns environments. Besides, it is critical while dealing with stress to change daily operation and communication for instances expressing rather than bottling feelings and compromising. Conversely, one can adapt and regain self-control over stressful situations by, for example, changing attitude and expectations. Some things are uncontrollable such as death or sickness of loved ones’, and therefore one should cope with such stressors by accepting.

Thirdly, often when one is stressed up, laziness escalates. In such an instance, stressors can be managed through physical exercises. Often exercise enhances the personal mood in the long run. However, activities such as stretching, massages, and hot bath help lessen tense muscles which impeccably reduce stress levels. Mindful rhythmical practices are effective stress controller. These exercises including swimming, cycling, aerobics, and dancing not only bring sensational emotional and physical experience but also break cycles of negative thoughts, thus overwhelmingly reducing stress.

Fourth, the sense of belongingness and safety plays an essential role in our daily endeavors. One of the critical methods of controlling stress is spending calm and quality time with other people. Surprisingly, face to face interaction enhances fight-or-flight responses as triggered by body hormones which are a natural reliever of stress and anxiety. Often, people spend time with workmates, friends, and or family for fun and relaxation. Fun with friends is critical in nurturing oneself life necessity rather than being caught up with bustle and hustles of life, thus relieving life stressors. For instance, stress management necessitates scheduled leisure time, keeps a sense of humor, and relaxation practices which are critical in managing stress.

Lastly, people are caught up with time strain and work overload due to poor scheduling and time management. Therefore, time management is a significant way of managing stress. Rather than being caught up in time and cut back hustles, time management through prioritization of tasks, a delegation of duties, and avoiding over-commitment critically enhance stress management. It is conclusive that stressors culminate when demand outweighs our ability to cope with situations. People are different and have different types of stress culminating from different factors, and therefore there are various ways of managing stress including exercise, taking a break from stressors, meditating, etc.

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