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How To Fight With The Excess Weight

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The same thing always happens to us: in summer we become aware of excess weight. Although it is a situation that happens more for the aesthetic than for health. The truth is that each body is different and can not apply the different diets that circulate on the Internet, which uses the famous shift or that our best friend advises. Doctors and nutritionists are tired of saying it, but it is true: the key to maintaining an adequate body mass, balanced and a good general state is based on two things: good nutrition and physical activity. Today there are many offers in both, so there is no excuse for not getting fit and improve our quality of life.

We have varied circumstances that sometimes make it difficult to put this into practice as light foods are more expensive and our daily routine does not allow us sometimes the six snacks that nutritionists advise. Or the simple “go to the gym” as the basis for physical activity. But nothing further. In fact, many people eat dietary foods and go to the gym three or more times a week and still does not achieve its goal. It is a matter of attitude that must change and way of life. A large percentage of people who attend the gym as indicated, then take the car to go to the market that is two blocks away, or eat food and lie down, remaining sedentary the rest of the time, or take the elevator for two floors. Not to mention that usually they skip several meals and in fact ingest more quantity at night.

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The blessed CALORIES are those who enslave our future, we must surrender to them without major preambles. Many professionals usually say something that we do not pay attention to: our body is like a bank: if it is ingested more than what is spent it will inevitably accumulate. Therefore, having knowledge and control of the calories of each food we eat is the first step to success. There are many tables of calories circulating everywhere, the important thing is to combine foods low in fat and sugar but rich in the necessary proteins and nutrients according to each one. And the main tip: leave the car, walk more than twenty blocks per day, do not go up in the elevator to the apartment, keep moving. The body burns by sleeping 70 calories per hour necessary for the functioning of the organs, I awake 120 calories an hour, grooming, walking, between 250 and 350 calories per hour. The key to success is simple: In addition to improving mood and cardiovascular function among others.

Many years ago, a friend who fought tirelessly against the peso, moved to Spain, to a mountain village. In a few months, he came to visit with 25 kilos less. What had happened? Well, in the town there were not many means of transport and I had to walk three or four hours a day from here to there during the working day. Then he got used to it so much that he lost more than 40 kilos and kept it that way, tasting the Spanish delicacies without limits. There is no other secret to put it into practice.


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