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How To Find The Best DJ In Your Town

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In today’s world, there are plenty of options in different professions. Whether you are looking for a good travel agent, a lawyer, a doctor or even a personal health trainer, you find yourself surrounded by a pile of options of service providers and individuals promoting them as a brand. Similarly, finding a DJ is not an easy task. You often get confused in about the options already available to you. And when you make a wrong choice, the further process becomes even tougher. You scratch your head finding the best way to look for a good wedding DJs or wedding reception DJ in the town, but fail to do so. While knowing the traits is a good thing to start, learning about different ways of examining, spotting and hiring the best DJ can make your party event rocking.

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From the first step of going out on a search to finalizing the deal, the process involves certain stepladders and these should be considered before hiring a DJ. Get prepared as I throw some light on the process and try to tell the readers about different aspects of finding the best DJ in your town.

Why you need a DJ

The first thing before looking at the top DJs in town is to decide whether you need a DJ or not. This depends mostly on your purpose and personal preferences. Nowadays, weddings are not complete without a DJ rocking the floor. Also, several club owners can’t do business without having a DJ in the house. This not only elevates their customer base but also gives exposure to the DJ. So, whether you are a business owner or a residential individual, you need to think about and decide whether you need a DJ or not. In most of the cases, DJ adds the elements of fun and enjoyment to the parties. When there is nothing to do in a gathering, people often take it as a good idea to step on the dance floor and elevate the spiciness of the party.

If in case, you are organizing a baby shower or a kid’s birthday party, you might not want a DJ as the loud music won’t be appreciated in such events. However, kids usually enjoy soft DJ music at such events.

Restaurant owners and retail shop owners might or might not wish to hire a DJ. Some businessmen make it a necessary point to hire a good DJ at their premises. They know the positive effects of this and are aware of the benefits DJ will bring to their commerce.

Starting the search

When you decide on hiring a DJ, you need to plan your search. A DJ is not something you can get by searching online. You need to consider the name and popularity of the DJ and even consider his background experience. There are several agencies that provide music and DJ equipment along with the arrangement of DJ for your event.

One can start the search by looking for referrals. A good way is to ask your friends, family members and known colleagues about the best DJs in the town. It is always handy to make list as soon as you hear the names. You can also message your contacts asking them about the best DJs they have hired till now. It is a high chance that a DJ suggested by a friends turns out to be much better than one suggested by Google.

You can also search for DJs in the newspaper, pamphlets and magazines. Nowadays, DJs and DJing agencies ascertain that they are promoting themselves through print media. Also, certain DJ party events are addressed to common masses through pamphlets in the newspaper. Hence, if you come across such advertisements, it’s your lucky day.

The third method for starting the search is looking for the best DJs around you on the internet. You will get access to certain DJ profiles and social media pages of DJs who are popular in the town. Though the internet does not always provide accurate details, it is a good option through which you can categorize your listing.

Experience matters

Finding a good DJ is essential to having a great party event. A bad DJ however, can turn your good time into a nightmare. Hence, the decision is important and hence should be taken care of with precision and the right mindset.

An experienced person is always better than a novice one. This is a universal truth and it stands true in the case of DJs. Experience and professionalism are one of the most determining factors in finding the best DJ in your town. In events like reception, club parties and house parties, there is always a rush of patrons and only an experienced DJ has the moral fiber to handle such pressure with pristine sound quality. He would know how to keep things moving while bringing a smile of entertainment on the faces of each and every guest.

Furthermore, an experienced DJ will carry expertise in dealing with any malfunctioning, in case it happens. He will be soon able to devise out a solution to the problem while not adding a full stop to the flow of the party. Even if other events at a party get delayed, for instance, food, a DJ will keep guests satisfied that the party is still alive. Through announcements, he shall address people about how the party is about to become more energetic in the upcoming moments. An experienced DJ will perform in such a way that guests and patrons won’t even realize that there has been a glitch in the arrangement. The music will keep them entertained while the problem is fixed in its entirety.

Finding an experienced DJ can be accomplished by simply asking the venue owners of local clubs, restaurants, hotels or even retail owners. They will tell you about the most experienced and valuable DJ in the area. A small gossip with the support staff at the venues can provide you with the contact details of a DJ that has performed at the place successfully numerous times.

Get DJs from referrals and reference

It is most often the case that you hire a good DJ that rocks your party and then you forget or misplace his contacts details. What happens when you need that same DJ again? You are lost in transactions of numbers, contact notes and other details. Getting referrals and reference is a forte that can cross you over to the other side of the problem and make things easy.

One can seek for reference from the caterer, rental companies, photographers, lighting specialists, or transport company owners being used in the parties. Most of these will have referrals and even visiting cards of best DJs in town in their wallets. This is a two-way activity where DJs get the benefit and you get to house an ideal DJ without having to travel long shores of tedious DJ exploration work. A DJ from a referral is sure to provide good music with immaculate sound quality. Additionally, he will also have a good and positive attitude. He will be friendly and always open to suggestions. Such DJ makes a good contact which provides referrals in return. One can evaluate that if two or three individuals are referring to the same DJ, then he will surely be a charm of a person. Contact him before he gets indulged in another party event.

Things you should ask your DJ

Finding a DJ is the first part of getting the job done. After it comes the interviewing process of your DJ. You don’t want to hire a DJ over a phone call or simply because someone said good things about him. You have to evaluate him yourself, tell him your requirements and observe his answers. Sometimes, we presume that a DJ will bring all of the equipment along but he doesn’t. Clearing out everything prior to the event makes things easy for both the parties. To begin with, here are a few questions you should ask your DJ:

  • Ask him about his past experiences and how he became chose the profession. Ask him to cut the story short if you are short on time.
  • Ask him how often he performs in a week. A stressed out DJ is just earning, not living his passion.
  • Ask him about the dates and if he is totally free. You don’t want to face a last minute change of plans.
  • Ask him about his equipment. Ask him to create a list if you need to provide some equipment to him. Also, if you want something to be included, ask him if he can do that. You can make arrangements while paying extra money. A good DJ is more flexible and less stubborn with your requirements.
  • Tell him about your event-type and ask if he is comfortable playing there. No one likes a nervous DJ behind the turntables.
  • Ask him if he has a huge song collection. It is good to know if the DJ has songs you wish to be played. If required, give him a list of songs you adore. Tell him the time of songs to be played.
  • Ask him about his habits and look if he is into excessive drinking or smoking.
  • Ask him about his background history and whether he has been involved in any criminal case or an illegal allegation.
  • Ask him if he has a license of songs he wishes to transform or use, in case if the songs are copyrighted.

When you hire him

A professional DJ never believes on verbal agreements. Developing a contract or agreement and signing while approving it from both the parties is the way to go in making things permanent. This is beneficial simply for you as well as a signed contract will protect you if something turns out to be different. For instance, if the equipment listed in the contract is not used by the DJ, then you may ask for reducing the equipment fee. Similarly, if the DJ performs less than the time decided in the contract, you can raise an issue and ask for a sum of refund. When you sign a contract, you should read it properly, understand its clause and then agree to it. A professional DJ normally has contracts readymade for you to sign. Here are few things you should look for and if not present, include in the contract:

  • Date, time and name of both the parties
  • Date, time and location of the event and venue details
  • Balance, total money to be paid and details about any due money
  • Charges and fees for each aspect of the DJ
  • Songs to be excluded from the list
  • Song requests
  • Details about MC announcements, if you wish to have one
  • Overtime charges, in case the party extends
  • Specification of the dress you wish the DJ to be in
  • Backup arrangements and all related details


Hiring a DJ can be tricky. But one should keep in mind each and every aspect of the searching process. This not only includes looking for a professional or experienced DJ but looking at referrals and the advantages of agreements as well. If you explore deeper, you will also realize that DJs come with non-refundable deposits which work in their favor in case of lost revenue. Then there is food you have to offer to DJ if he wishes to eat during or after the event. Such points often go unnoticed and people often brag about poor services later. When finding the best DJ in your town, all such points are to be measured.

With the help of referrals, some meticulous efforts and a friendly approach, one can easily find the best DJ in the town. Simply mark the fact that finding a good DJ does not get the job done. You have to interview him, ask about the options he provides and then sign a contract to make things undeviating. By doing this, you will have peace of mind and your DJ will give his best in your party event. If everything goes well, you will be looking to hire the DJ again and again.

Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can order our professional work here.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?