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How To Get Better Office Situation And Deal With Boss

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Barry works at CTM which is a small growing technology company and the company reorganized 5 months ago. Raphael, Barry’s co-worker, was promoted to a different department since he has been working with CEO for several years and succeeded the project. Barry thought he would get better position from this reorganization because Raphael was promoted and his work role was similar to Barry’s. However Raphael was sent back to previous department which is Barry’s department and became his boss 6 weeks ago when Barry’s boss left. Barry had good relationship with Raphael so he had good expectation for Raphael to work together but he feel Raphael does not share Barry’s opinion to the higher ups and Barry’s co-worker showed emails which evidence Raphael took the credits from Barry. Now Barry worries about his career in the future because of his boss, Raphael’s politics.

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Workplace conflict can occur to everyone by any circumstances such as work style, leadership, and cultural differences. People define conflict differently but when facing workplace conflict, most of all the time workers have to deal with office conflict. In this report, it is analyzed office conflict of this Barry’s case and shows clear the resolution of this office conflict so we would learn what to do when facing the similar situation. From this report, know how to get better office situation and deal with boss. To know the right behavior in workplace, you would be able to understand what is the most effective way to use power tactics.


1. Should Barry complain about his treatment? To whom?

Barry should make complaints about his treatment from the boss, Raphael, because he is considered as the toxic boss who does not have good leadership since he would not praise or promote Barry to upper position and took credit from Barry who is a subordinate. Although Raphael told Barry that he was doing great jobs, Raphael may have been telling compliment superficial.

Good leadership at workplace has positive effect to organization and employees. Leaders control and take charge of the operation of a formal group and good leaders can set clear goals and objectives and go through it with effective strategies. Good leaders give their employees positive influence and can motivate them by positive organization culture. (Hao and Yazdanifard. 2015). On the other hand, toxic leadership occurs when there are several destructive behaviors of a leader and he or she has certain non-functional personal characteristics. If leaders have caused any serious damages to employees or its organization, they are considered as toxic. (Heppell. 2011). There is no positive influence and motivating to Barry from working under Raphael and Raphael is not the boss who does not has good leaderships. Taking credits from Barry caused damage to him for his career so Raphael may have toxic leadership or not suitable for the role of boss.

Great boss always invest in employees’ work and its development so employees can be advised and praised from boss. The toxic boss will never value employees and take for employees’ good work but blame their failure. Employees may feel unsupported, undirected, confused, unmotivated, and frustrated therefore toxic boss is not engaged and productive. (Hussain. 2016). Working with the boss who has toxic leadership affect subordinate condition negatively as well as Barry became nervous about his future. Barry needs to complaint about the toxic behavior of Raphael. The behaviors are that he does not communicate with higher ups about Barry’s opinions and took Barry’s expense. The only way to avoid those behaviors is making complain.

In any organization, there are some department that workers can report their complains. Normally workers report to its owner in small business organization and CTM is relatively small but consider as a formal organization. Barry should report or complain about Raphael that his bad actions and performance to his supervisor or human resources. Human Resources should coach supervisors and employees about how to report and address the toxic behavior and the communication for the toxic person to be improved so it would result in the smooth process of dismissal (Lawrence. 2014).

2. What power tactics should Barry use?


The structural position is the most frequent access to the power bases in any organizations and it is called legitimate power. The position of the person in organization’s hierarchy is resulted by the power he or she receives. Legitimate power covers more area than coerce and reward power in general. Legitimate power must include acceptance from members who has the authority of the position in an organization. Therefore legitimacy is position power. (Mullins. 2016). However legitimate power extended to employees, not only managers or boss because legitimate power is an agreement among the members in organization of requesting certain behaviors of others. Therefore legitimate power is “the range within which people are willing to accept someone else’s authority.” (McShane & Glinow, 2010). Barry can complain Raphael with legitimacy. Barry should complain to superior of Raphael which has power to command to him to fire or improve.


As well as legitimacy pressure is also considered as strong strategy. Pressure tactics including the use of threats and assertive behaviors such as repeated demands, threats, frequent checking, or persistent reminders to influence the person to do request or compliance.(Yukl & Chavez, 2002).

Pressure is a frequently used and highly successful in the upward direction. The use of pressure is to ensure that the request reach to the target and is acquiesced (Boughton. 2011). Barry can use this tactic when complaining to Raphael. It can be repeated demands and frequent checking therefore Barry can complain bu use of requesting to Raphael to share his opinions with higher-up as his demand and checking if he shares with them frequently.

-Upward appeal

upward influence is the power tactic to influence superiors such as boss, manager, and supervisor or others in higher positions. This tactic user may appeal to a higher authority and enable to form an alliance with a higher authority. The subordinates try to affect the superior is referred to as upward influence and it is for subordinates to acquire desired response and action from the superior. (Waldron, 1999). Barry is subordinate and Raphael is superior. Barry wishes to get right treatment from the superior therefore this tactic is suitable for Barry toward Raphael.

As same as above two tactics, upward appeal is a hard tactic which is obtaining the formal or informal support of superiors. It is found that upward appeal was frequently used by employees to influence autocratic supervisors (Ansari et al., 2007). Although Raphael does not have dictatorship aspect from the case. It is believed that employees to adopt upward Influence tactics to achieve employers’ approval and receive favorable consequences. (Chaturvedi & Srivastava. 2014)

Barry should complain with upward appeal. He can acquire the alliance with who has higher position than Raphael to get support by influencers to request him to stop the behaviors or request straight to Raphael to support sharing Barry’s opinion and credits to higher-ups.

3 Why Should Barry look for another job?

The major source and factor of workers’ satisfaction is expected to be Switching the workplace since all the aspects of working change. Job satisfaction and happiness of workers increase when they change workplace (Chadi. 2014). Barry should look for another job to increase his motivation for his job and so as job satisfaction. Having stress is not healthy for him and it will affect on his job performance. Poor leadership and its style is one of the cause of workplace stress. Workplace stress can affect individuals such as physical health and related problems and psychological health problems such as depression, anger, nervousness, and lack of confidence. (Ahmad et al., 2015).

Continue working at the same workplace imitates that Barry would get ore stress and it may affect him to serious condition. Therefore Barry should look for another job t get more satisfaction and happiness and also to avoid more job stress from the same workplace. To refer the Barry’s condition, he may be depressed for his future and not have enough energy to confront Raphael so changing place, role, and people such as leader and co-workers is one of fundamental way to clear his psychological factors. However, according to (Boswell et al. 2009), it shows that a characteristic of honeymoon-hangover is similar to happiness relating to work after having switched employers. Job satisfaction can be substantially higher in the new job, but it it temporary and the satisfaction reduces substantially after some time as well as honeymoon-hangover.

Job change can be temporal way to resolve Barry’s problem because everything will be new for him but it can be immediate treatment to avoid the office conflict at CTM.

3. Why not?

The important factors to determine job satisfaction are well managed supervision and type of leadership. Generally, employees’ job satisfaction are enhanced greatly amount by certain leadership as the leader cares, respect, and support the subordinates. The sharing relationships between them and their superiors are also the factor that employees satisfaction. The way superiors handle the problem of employees at workplace is important for the satisfaction. (Kumari. 2011)

Barry is not satisfied for his job because of Raphael’s leadership and his prevent of Barry’s relationship with higher-up. However, Barry liked the company until Raphael became his boss so he does not have any problem to work at CTM but the treatment. Changing company just because of the problem of Raphael’s behavior is too risky for Barry. When an organization is totally toxic and nothing works to change it, it is obvious that a worker should look for another company but a worker can change a toxic leader in an organization. Additionally Barry felt he was doing great job. He actually knew what to do for his work and all he needs to do is continuing his role. It could be possible that superiors of him would praise him and there would be opportunity and chance for him to become upper position when Raphael communicate Barry’s opinion with higher-up. He may find difficulty to feel doing a great jobs at another organization. Otherwise Barry may find difficulty to find a new job. As Barry’s mood in the case “that prospect only darkened his mood further” looking for a new job require him enormous time and effort and he may be exhausted more. The process of searching company, choosing suitable ones from a lot os options, applying them, having negotiation or consultation with them, and finally getting a new job is time wasted and cost a lot of effort for Barry. Barry is already despaired for future and looking for new job may cause him more depression. To sum up, Barry should not look for another job because of that changing Raphael’s behavior is all he needs, he still have chance to get blight future, and getting a new job cost too much time and effort.


To sum up, Barry should complain his treatment because of Raphael’s inappropriate behaviors as a leader at workplace. The behaviors are that he does not share Barry’s opinion with higher-up and took credit from Barry. Those actions are considered as toxic and he does not have a leadership. Avoiding the toxic behaviors would lead Barry to have job satisfaction so Barry should complain. In organizations, there is a certain department for solving workplace issue which is human resource department. Barry can report them about his treatment or supervisor and superior but higher than Raphael’s position. Barry has 3 power tactics to use for the complaint, rational persuasion, legitimate power, and coalition. Barry should look for a another job because job change has potential to increase happiness and job satisfaction at beginning so it is the immediate way to solve Barry’s workplace issue. On the other hand, Barry should not look for another job because the only problem is Raphael’s Behavior toward his treatment. Barry liked CTM and was doing well so confront Raphael and may have better workplace.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?