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How to Get Over Your Fear of Traveling

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Whether you are terrified to fly, travel solo, or of spending too much money, you can overcome these obstacles and have the time of your life. The fear of traveling is known as hodophobia. Hodophobia can vary from the hesitancy to travel to unfamiliar places and can be as severe as a near-inability to leave your home. Some people are afraid only of specific methods of transportation, such as planes (aerophobia) or trains, while others have a challenging time letting go of their hard-earned money (chrematophobia). I am not making these up!

NOTE: Although it is best to consult with a mental health professional for any phobia, many people find that planning and organization help combat mild symptoms of these phobias.

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§ Tips for Coping with Hodophobia

Plan Your Route: If you are driving to your destination, sit down with a map and plan how far you will travel each day. Make lodging reservations ahead of time. Map out restaurants and attractions of interest BEFORE you leave the house. Allow plenty of time to arrive early and make a backup plan in case of delays.

Remove the Unexpected: View seat maps of your flight or train seating. Locate cities you will be driving between. Be familiar with rest stops and toilet facilities along the way should you need a moment to regroup. Look at pictures of tours and attractions you are interested in taking to get a sense for the layout of the city.

Visualize: Picture yourself walking through all the major steps in your journey. Watch yourself stroll through the airport, sit at your gate, and board the plane/train or load the car, hop in the front seat, and drive down the highway. Visualizing builds your confidence and reduces your stress levels.

Rest and Hydrate: This may seem unrelated, but sleep and hydration affect your ability to handle stressful situations. Get plenty of sleep the week leading to your journey. This will help you combat the restless night most people have before a journey. Keep a bottle of water handy during your trip to combat jet lag and headaches.

Take a Friend: A companion can help you stay calm and handle details such as checking bags or refilling the tank. Be sure your friend knows and understands what you need when you are experiencing panic or discomforts. This will allow them to calm you down quicker.

§ Tips for Coping with Aerophobia

Fortunately, the fear of flying is relatively easy to treat, even without knowing the underlying cause. Some common treatments include:

Individual therapy: One-on-one therapy sessions with a mental health professional can set your worries at ease. These trained professionals can give you tools and exercises to do to deal with anxiety surrounding flying. They can also prescribe you medicine should you need it.

Education: Learning about how airplanes work, why turbulence happens, and what various sounds and bumps mean can also help. Knowledge is power. Sometimes the unknown is what really frightens us.

Tour an airport: Get comfortable with the inside of an airport, where the check-in desk sits, how to find your gates, where baggage delivery is. Speak to the main desk and let them know your fears. Often, staff will be glad to find someone to give you a small tour to settle your worries.

Visualize: Again, picture yourself checking in at your gate, going through TSA security, comfortably waiting at your gate, boarding the plane, and resting calmly in your seat until landing.

Overcome the Fear of Traveling Solo

If none of your friends or family are free when you can take that trip, do not let that stop you from going. People travel alone all the time and have grand adventures. Some things to keep in mind when setting out on your on:

Set a plan in place to follow each day

Bring a book with you to restaurants to keep you from feeling awkward about dining solo. Though you shouldn’t be ashamed.

Join a tour group to see the sights with others

Avoid rougher areas at night and don’t get intoxicated. If you don’t have anyone looking after you, you must remain vigil. Use common sense tactics-more on that soon.

Focus on the positives such as, “I get to live this life on my terms”, “I get to do the things I want to do on this trip”.

Be empowered by your new-found freedoms

Tips for Coping with Chrematophobia

In our quest to save money for emergencies, retirement, and future goals, it’s easy to develop a fear of spending money for fear you won’t have enough later. First, who’s to say there will be a later and secondly, when will you get to enjoy this hard-earned cash? If you can cover the basics, like having an emergency fund and saving consistently for retirement, you are allowed to spend money on yourself sometimes. The key is to align your spending with what you value.

Identify Your Values

Before thinking about all the things, you could spend your money on and panicking on wasting it, create a budget. Create a budget that outlines how much money is coming in (paycheck), what your expenses are (gas, groceries, bills, etc.) and what you choose to donate or tithe.

Now, write down the answer to this question, what makes you the happiest? What brings you the most joy in life? Is it sporting events, trying new cuisines, flights to far off lands, a day at the park with loved ones? Prioritize things you would like to do in short-, medium- and long-term goals. A general rule of thumb is to choose experiences over things. Material possessions tend to lose their luster, whereas memories of a fun trip with family or friends last a lifetime.

Diversify Your Income

Sometimes thinking about spending money can be overwhelming because you worry you feel as though you can’t make enough at your current job. Consider getting a second or third job. This could be odd jobs or tasks here and there or a true part time position elsewhere. There’s no limit to how much you can earn if you are willing to put the work in. Who knows, you may even find a new interest along the way.

Ways to Save and Earn Money

Donate plasma for money and earn roughly $25-75 per visit.

Pick up odd jobs: Work as a summer adjunct professor or tutor, a pizza delivery person, or a server in a restaurant, anything to bring in more money.

Have a car? Consider driving for Uber or Lyft

Change up the technology: Switch from smartphones to flip phones

Toss the Dish: Get rid of cable and paid television

Free WIFI: Try to find a local café or use your apartment WIFI to avoid paying for internet

Sell vehicles you aren’t using or reconsider how many cars your family truly needs

Sell your stuff: Electronics, furniture, clothes, toy collectibles, video games, and car accessories can be sold on Amazon, Ebay, Letgo, local Flea Markets, and OfferUp.

Season your home or apartment: Add blackout blinds to reduce the cooling bill. Make sure your door sweeps are lowered so air can’t seep out. Place weather stripping on your windows and sliding doors to retain the air-condition.

Skip the Gym Membership: Work out at your apartment gym or in the great outdoors to save in gym memberships. There are FREE workout videos on YouTube to get you started.

Budget each month Use a budget site like or something similar. It doesn’t matter if it keeps you on task.

Plan ahead for events and date nights.

Openly talk about your budget to your travel partner or an accountability partner. I cannot stress how important this is if you want to achieve your goal.

Out with the old: If you haven’t worn an item in the last year, it’s unlikely you’re going to. Take it to a clothes exchange store. Some secondhand stores will pay you for your gently used items.

Be a thrifty shopper. If you are in dire need of an additional item, check the clearance and sale’s racks first. Never buy an item at full price.

Lighten the load in your car – don’t weigh your vehicle down by carrying unnecessary items.

Team work makes the dream work: Team up with friends and family to buy event tickets in bulk for that group discount.

Be loyal: Check to see if your grocery store has a loyalty rewards card. Earning these loyalty points can get you money off your grocery bill or even at the gas pump.

Check your portion sizes. You might be able to make two meals out of one by sticking to the recommended amount.

Freeze it: Buy frozen vegetables instead of fresh so that your produce stays fresh longer.


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