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How To Identify From Tyre Noises?

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You have to do regular checks on your wheels. This should be done not only with your eyes but also with your ears. It is true that all tyres would make some sound. The manufacturers are striving hard to minimize it. The high end or performance ones make less sound however not completely mute. The normal sounds are created when the wheel is in motion and air gets trapped inside the thread pattern. Whenever it is released these sounds are formed.

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A person should keenly listen to the sounds and note down how it is like. We would look about it in detail here.

Car screeching

The screeching noise occurs when you put sudden break while driving at higher speeds or making a turn in a fast manner. This is quite normal as there is a friction that occurs between your wheels and the ground. But, when you still listen to these kinds of noises even when riding at a slower pace then there is an issue in tread depth.

Metallic sounds while braking

It is a sound that is triggered because your brake is worn out. In this scenario, it is the best to check your car once. Your automotive comes with an indicator which notes down the break and when it goes down to certain limit then your front wheels would make a high squeak caution.


If you are listening to these types of sound then it means that your tyres are not properly inflated. At times your tyre might look good but there is a possibility for it to be severely pulled off. Check the air pressure every two to three weeks. It is a must to do this before car journeys.

Squeaking and rattling

When the former one is accompanied with the latter ones then it refers loose wheel cover. If you continue to drive, it further loosens up and the rattle sound starts to continue to a greater extent.

Vibration in tyres

When there is a rumbling sound that continues with a vibration you have to understand that the wheel bearing has become weak and it is worn down. When riding your vehicle in this scenario, it feels like you are moving over marbles or stones. What are the causes of tyre noises? We categorize it under two types

  1. Normal
  2. Abnormal

The normal reason behind the sound includes:

  • Type of tyre
    1. Off-road and winter wheels make a huge noise and it is due to their tread pattern.
    2. Low rolling resistance and high-end vehicles tend to make comparatively lesser sounds.
  • Size of a wheel and Peculiarities in the tread
    1. Bigger and smaller tyres make a huge noise. When it is big more rubber would be in contact with the road which increases the sound.
    2. In the case of small ones, it would have a lesser sidewall area. Due to this, it cannot absorb the noises.
  • Road conditions
    1. Driving on uneven, brick, and porous roads would increase the sound of tyres.
    2. Riding on a highway which has fine finished surfaces would produce lesser noises.
  • Improper driving habits
    1. People who constantly drive at higher speeds, do hard braking and carry a huge load on a truck or automobile fits under this category.
    2. In these conditions, the air that is present in grooves would get pressurized and it starts to produce louder noises. Since air is already present in the wheel it would cause drumming sounds.
    3. Stomping the accelerator quickly triggers a squealing sound. This is because the wheels are finding traction.

The abnormal cause includes:

  • The damage happened in a non-tire part
    1. Wheel bearings need to be replaced when roaring sound arises. This can be witnessed especially while changing lanes. When it is put in strain it reflects on the sound. Increase in age, damage and accident are the factors behind this issue. If not noticed at the right time the chances of a collision or losing control over truck become huge.
    2. Are you listening to clicking sounds then it might arise from CV joints. It happens when the axle loses its flexibility. The noise increases when it experiences shock.
    3. Hubcap lung nuts might be shaking if you are making a turn or while increasing speed.
    4. The funny part is that the belt of the driver can become loose. Do not deceive by the sound and think there is an issue in your product.
  • Tyre not properly maintained
  • Certain factors need to be check often like:

    1. Wheel alignment
    2. Tire balancing
    3. Tire rotation

    When you are not taking care of your item in an appropriate way these issues might be caused.

  • Uneven wear on the tread
    1. When not properly inflated it causes some noise. So, check it first before heading it for service.
    2. Ask your technician about cupping, feathering and camber wear.

    How to avoid tyre noises effectively?

  • If the sounds caused by tyre are due to its design then opt for new ones that promise better performance and lesser noise. Choose based on your expectations and pick one that meets your needs.
  • Do the services regularly and never miss it. When it travelled a certain distance then it should be taken better care of.
  • Always keep your wheels inflated. Driving in flat wheels is very unsafe for you.
  • You should know about the lifespan of tyres. It is a must to learn how to check it. In general, you are supposed to change your wheels once you have used it for 5 to 6 years.
  • Keeping the vehicle idle for an extended period of time would also cause issues to the tyres. If you are a person who did not drive the car for so long period and trying to take it for a ride then ensure you check it A to Z before doing so. Even these types would cause noises hence precaution should be taken at the earliest.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?