How to Make the World a Better Place

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 There are many global problems today, and solving them will make a great difference to our world. How to make the world a better place? I am going to make a difference by tackling poverty: the gap between rich and poor is gradually getting wider and wider until we can never fix it again.

What is Poverty?

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Poverty is an important issue around the world, and it doesn’t just cause people to live in bad conditions. Aristotle once said that “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” I agree with him, as people only steal and revolt because it is their only choice – otherwise they might die of hunger and illness from their bad conditions.

This is an issue ranging from developed European countries to undeveloped African countries. Even in the most developed country (Norway), 0.2% live under a wage of £1.60 – about 10000 people live without much money. If this is the “best-case scenario”, think about how serious the “worst-case scenario would be”.

Solutions to Poverty:

“Unemployment and underemployment lies at the core of poverty.” – UN

The first thing you would think of is to create new jobs, as this will mean that unemployed people can make money. But how should the government create new jobs without spending too much money? I did some research and found that the most effective way of creating jobs is for the government to spend more money on architectural works – examples would be building bridges, roads, or tunnels. Many people would get jobs for a few years, and it could also help households travel more efficiently e.g. going through a tunnel would be much quicker and safer than winding up and down a steep mountain path.

Another similar way would be to raise the incomes of low-income jobs, as this will ensure that some people living in poverty (but have jobs) can get more pay. The government can also help by raising the minimum wage to force companies to raise employees’ incomes. But what if the government doesn’t have enough money, like in a lot of developing nations? A solution would be to borrow money from organizations like the World Bank, which loan money to the governments of poorer countries. Once countries have raised the minimum wage, it will help stop many families from living in poverty even though they have a job.

“The best anti-poverty program is a world-class education.” – Barack Obama

Some people can’t get good jobs because they don’t have proper education – that brings us to another global problem, education. Good education means that you have a higher chance of getting a good job (probably with a high income). No proper education will at most get you into jobs like working at a supermarket or a fast-food restaurant. These jobs don’t get you much money and that means you are at a higher risk of living in poverty. This means that if we solve the education crisis, we are one step closer to solving the poverty crisis; many global problems are linked to each other in many ways.

“Poverty is not an accident., Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.” – Nelson Mandela

Poverty can also be solved by gender equality. In many families, only the men have got proper education while the women haven’t, so many women will be illiterate when they grow up. This will turn out to be very serious, as these women will be helpless when they need money – because they cannot read or write, they cannot get any good jobs.

Gender inequality is also a huge problem that connects to both poverty and education, and it contributes to poverty in places where women do not have equal rights as men. If girls and boys can all go to school in places such as Saudi Arabia and Sudan, then it will help solve poverty as well as gender inequality in these places.

Additionally, in the Middle East and Africa, when employers pick who gets the job, they will nearly always pick men rather than women. This means that it is extremely difficult for women to get good jobs in places such as these. Gender inequality is probably why many African countries have so many residents living in poverty.

“We shall not defeat any of the infectious diseases that plague the developing world until we have also won the battle for safe drinking water, sanitation, and basic health care.” – Kofi Annan

Finally,  how to make the world a better place? These serious problems require serious solutions both from country governments and people who are involved in working out them.

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