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How To Prepare For Disaster

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A disaster is an unexpected event which can cause the obstruction to the normal ongoing process, sometimes complete halt of the regular business process, a business recovery plan is the plan which ensures the business continuity, that means the maximum restoration of the business after the strike of the disaster. Although having a lot of resources and money it’s very difficult for big companies, but small companies suffer a lot which doesn’t have all the facilities and money as big companies, there are much small business across the globe and many times data recovery is not as simple as in big companies because the big companies can have the data duplication and storage in multiple servers on multiple locations. For example, bigger companies like Google maintains 4 to 5 data centers across the globe, that will serve as a backup to retrieve the data in case of disaster strikes at one of the datacenter and unable to recover the data from it. And serves as the service provider to the nearest user. (Sasirekha, 2013).

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In 2016 there was a malware attack called ransomware, which is a kind of disaster where it attacked billions of computers around the world and hold the user files and locked them, it won’t get released until user agrees to pay a certain amount of the money, at that time no one was even expected that to happen, and it all had happened because of the older version of the operating in some computers. In the UK it affected a lot, they have lost the huge amount of healthcare data which is costly option to recover and restore, both to the organization and the government. As this case happened for the first time there were not enough disaster recovery plans. (Alshammari, 2018)

Its estimated that many companies are spending more budget on disaster recovery, to avoid any failure or more loss in the event of a disaster, many companies those who have lost business data, they have lost their business too, so it’s vital to take into consideration of disaster recovery planning. Before planning a disaster recovery plan, it’s important to investigate a current existing plan for the company and its feasibility in the event of the disaster. Here I want to take an information technology company into consideration. First, identify the potential risks that might impact, those are what in case of Data loss, failure of the server, hurricane, in case of fire, in the event of theft, and check how the existing plans have been planned in disaster recovery. (Brown, 2016) Data loss, this potential risk must be avoided, data is an integral part of every organization, which can work as heart to the many organizations, especially data-driven companies like Facebook, google amazon, where the data is the main product of the company. Ecommerce companies like Amazon, information of every product available in the warehouse is present in the website, loss of the data is catastrophic, which can cost a lot to the company and it will impact on the core principle of the company. (Dennis, K. 2008)

The company I choose, the disaster recovery plan for the data loss I can suggest is a duplication of the data and store it on another server which is not on the company premises. Systems must be provided that can duplicate the data, as soon as the data is generated, though its expensive process to have back up of every operation, it will ensure the great security to the organization data. The backups should be designed in such a way that one is an online cloud, the other one is in the same physical location of the company. As I mentioned above attack of the ransomware, the operating system also places a key role in the data loss, to avoid that it’s important to check for any updates and patched by the operating system providers regularly, which can ensure the bug fixes, and close all the weak points or loopholes available to the attackers. And system hardware and the processor also should consider while the system is set up. In the event of the fire, this is also a very potential threat which can cause quick impact to the physical location of the company, if not identified, responded immediately, it can cost many lives and the property. The company I have chosen I can propose the disaster recovery plan in case of fire is the office location is having space enough to allow the fire machine, sprinklers should be placed on every ceiling of the building, the most important to have the maintaince of back up water, the facility should hold the double the amount of the required, in case of fire, I propose to have large tank on top of the building, as soon as smoke detectors detect any smoke and, when fire alarm rings, water should be immediately sprinkle inside the floor.

Every floor should have emergency exits and the signboard saying and indicating in bold letters, emergency exit. More importantly, employees who work inside, should aware of the things need to be done in case of the fire. Fire drills must be conducted once in every three months to ensure every employee following the emergency procedures in case of fire, they should run to the emergency exits, if anyone stuck in the fire should lay down on the floor, because inhaling excess smoke can cause choking, which is causing the major reason of death in fire cases. The other impact on business is a hurricane, in last year, east coast of the unites stated hit by 3 major hurricanes, which are devastating where people lost all the essential things for a living, it been a year still the rescuing and support operations are going on, every person, home, businesses are having impacted by hurricane, in case of disaster recovery plan for the company I chose in case of the hurricane is, first human life is vital to save in any disaster, properties can be achieved later but not the human life, so care must be taken to ensure the maximum saving of the human life. As hurricane hits, people can’t come out of the office, the main thing is depletion of food and the water supply, electricity and the loss of the connectivity , I remember one disaster back in India, Badrinath, kedarinath , it’s the major destination for pilgrims, where lord Shiva resides, usually its covered by snow during winter seasons, and its open to the public in summer, as usual many people were allowed to visit this place on that summer , but all of sudden from nowhere its started raining and the rivers flooded quickly on to this place, this place is below the river, as disaster strikes whole area and millions of people are in the floods, many of them lost their lives and other eat other human dead bodies to survivor themselves, which was a heartbreaking situation. (Sasirekha, 2013).

So, it’s important to maintain some food supplies, at least for few days, especially areas where many hurricane-prone areas, which are closer to the bay. Communication should be built in such a way that through network disturbances occurs in a hurricane, it should work with the use of the satellite, to work in any situation, to communicate with the outer world in case of the disaster. Many of the hurricane cases, due to the lack of drinking water, and polluted water its common to spread any water born disease and other diseases rapidly. Care must be taken supplies are lost till the recovery so people inside the premises can have an essential supply. The other threats like server failures can be overcome by having a regular server maintenance and the backups, theft can be avoided by having security measures in place all the time, security cameras, employees should make aware of the possible threats, they should be well trained to tackle any kind of situation. The product recuperation for an organization is critical, the failover condition must be steady, and your availability must be solid, yet these are only segments without an arrangement they are pointless. Having a very much planned and completely tried arrangement set up will considerably expand your capacity to withstand and recoup from disturbance. There are a few techniques practices instruments and skill expected to arrange that works when an organization require it most.

  1. Risk Identification
  2. Assess vulnerability to those risks.
  3. Determine impact on the business.
  4. Identify critical business functions
  5. Design and implement mitigation strategies.
  6. Agree activation plans
  7. Testing
  8. Ongoing changes and maintenance.

Risk identification

To begin without the most is mapping out the framework that backings the mission basic applications. Continuously remember that solitary purposes of disappointment cause the lion’s share of blackouts. Distinguish dangers that you can control versus dangers you don’t. Analyze interior versus outer dangers. Recognizing the dangers and purposes of disappointment your association could look in case of a debacle is the initial step to a viable DR design.

Assess vulnerability to those risks

Each task has an arrangement yet additionally has chance. Distinguishing and archive the dangers related with each progression. Apply useful answers for the recognized dangers. Additionally, continue observing the outcomes. Get an item or administration from provider to client. Assess coordination between gatherings. Distinguishing territories of improvement’s, the IT frameworks supporting the task. Documentation the business procedure changes.

Determine impact on the business

To determine impact of disaster recovery of your organization for an IT disaster is doing a business impact analysis and determining RTO and RPO. Having an executive staff will define your mission critical applications on impact on the business. Agree upon what is acceptable downtime. Agree upon your recovery point objective. Zero downtime comes at a significant cost. The IT staff needs to guide the Executives.

Identify critical business functions

Recognizing corporate resources and related dangers at that point decide the effect to activity if a hazard happens. Resource anything that has an incentive to an association. The utilization of strategies and ascribes to set up and keep up one of a kind data about a given resources. Performing basically resources and procedures. Performed hazard and risk appraisal on each procedure will likewise help in recognizing the business capacities.

Design and implement mitigation strategies

Administration intruding on occasions can occur whenever. At the point when things turn out badly its essential to have a vigorous focused on and all around tried catastrophe recuperation design. The most ideal approach to outline and actualize moderation procedures is by utilizing Google cloud stage as a feature of your debacle recuperation design whether if an organization running generation workloads on GCP on premises or on another cloud. GCP items ought to be a piece of DR tool stash including distributed storage and Deployment Manager. Continuously execute a savvy DR design regardless of where your generation workloads are running.

Agree and activation of plans

Utilizing Dashboards can help in enactment of plan and enhance productivity through precise and current data that is accessible readily available from any areas and whenever. A bore down office additionally enables you to contact the individual playing out the errand to examine occasions and demonstrated help. It has been demonstrated significant in enhancing interchanges among venture staff and administration and administration and has brought about lessened time spans and enhanced conveyance plans.


Assess design steps utilizing agendas, inspecting process stream, directing recreation of every single period of the testing procedure, Parallel testing in test interchange site capacity and execution, close and move all assets are the principle procedure of testing debacle recuperation.

Ongoing changes and maintaince

Business congruity arranging is the production of a system through the acknowledgment of dangers and dangers confronting an organization and guaranteeing that progressing procedure and maintaince of an organization staff and resources are ensured and ready to work in case of a disaster. In the conclusion, disaster recovery plan is vital for every organization to save the lives, business and allow its quick restoration to normal processes.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?