How to Prevent Abortion and Why Do I Think It's a Crime

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Murder is a crime, so why do people think ending the babies’ lives before they born is legal when life begins at conception? There are millions of abortions in the United States each year.

Even though the number of abortion is decreasing, it’s still an enormous number. People should stop abortion because it does more harm than good.

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Everyone has the right to live, and people shouldn’t take other’s life. Even though abortion is ending babies’ lives before they birth, life begins at conception, so abortion is also like a murder. When people are abortion, they destroy their children’s lives and the babies’ entire future is demolished as well. Human life is the most precious, people should cherish it.

In addition, when an abortion is performed, it can be harmful to the mother’s physical health or death. Many pregnant women will miscarry during subsequent pregnancies caused by scarring or perforation in the cervix. Some of them may be lost an opportunity to become a mother, which is most sacred to a woman. The worst consequence is that they may die from excessive blood loss and complications with anesthesia during the abortion process.

Moreover, not only health effects, abortion also makes women suffer many mental effects such as the obsessed long term, feeling guilty, tormented by abortion. The mother can feel regret because they abandoned their children, and the guilt obsession can lead them to commit suicide.

On the other side, some people support abortion for many reasons. Teenage pregnancies are also the common cause of abortion because they can’t take care of their children. The most common reasons women give abortion are to postpone having a baby for a more appropriate time or to concentrate the resources and energy for the existing children. However, it’s better to keep the baby because saving another life is better than take one, and abortion can cause substantially more dangers to the mother and infant than giving birth.

To prevent abortion, people should look for other ways to solve this problem instead of ending the baby’s life before it's born. They should use birth-control to prevent unplanned pregnant. Families and schools need to have a sexual education to help educate teens. In addition, people should think clearly before sexual conception to responsible for the responsibilities of their actions. Another option is adoption to keep the babies’ lives and no more abortion.

Let’s fight for all human including the ones who are in the womb because they have rights as well.

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