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How To Prevent School Shootings

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The best way to prevent school shootings is to identify, befriend, and help teens who appear to be bullied or depressed, and to implement new procedures in the doctor’s office and at school.

In and out of school, bullying is terrible and has the potential to push someone over the edge. To make someone endure life’s worst sufferings. Aaron Stark, a volunteer talker on TedxBoulder, experienced bullying as a child at its worst. He almost went to the extreme from it; shooting up his local school. Aaron had a rough childhood in and out of school. His mother would treat him like an abandoned dog, and people at his local school bullied him. Eventually, someone befriended Aaron, and even though Aaron stole from his friend, the friend stuck with him. Having just one friend kept Aaron sane, and caused for him to realize his decision to enact harm on others was insane. Everyone needs friends, including teens and adults. Sixty-eight percent of school shooters are people aged eighteen and below. Aaron Stark could have increased that number to seventy percent, but because he had a friend, someone who cared for him, he did not.

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New procedures, such as mental health screenings and x-ray machines, could easily help prevent school shootings. Possible solutions at school could be adding x-ray machines or other types of technology to identify a possible threat. That may seem like a high budget price, but when put in comparison with other facilities safety procedures, it is nothing. Schools should also have routinely check-ups with counselors. Is a child suddenly experiencing a grade drop, or displaying odd behavior? A counselor can get to the bottom of it. After all, it is their job to help students. At the doctor’s office, mental health screenings are known to detect possible violent behavior. The screenings can find whether a child or adult has an obsession or fantasy with guns and violence. These routinely screenings could be sent to a school counselor, and together the doctor’s office and counselor could identify troubled teens. This would give them an opportunity to find out a way to help them.

Many teachers and parents insist on the banning of guns or implementing stricter gun laws. If this was possible it would be highly successful, but due to many circumstances, it is not. This would only take away the guns from the good civilians. People who are planning on breaking the law, in this instance killing children, most likely will think last about following it. A comparison to making guns illegal is drugs. Cocaine, marijuana, heroin, weed, opium, LSD, and bath salts are all illegal. Does that stop people from using them? Who is to say that criminals will follow the law? They are called criminals for a reason.

If people want for these terrible events to end, they will think of solutions other than banning guns. All that will do is keep weapons away from the good civilians. Implementing new actions in and out of school and spreading kindness are just two small steps to a much safer community.


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