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How To Prevent Students From Gun Violence At Schools

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As a result of recent gun violence in schools’, the American people are forced to revisit the topic of how we can better protect students. Most of us readily agree that these tragedies are occurring all too frequently. Children should not be scared to enter a school in fear for their lives. Where this agreement usually ends; however, is on the question of how to eliminate them. Whereas some are convinced that arming educators is the correct course of action, others maintain that more guns in schools equate to more school shootings.

The New York Times Editorial Board believes in the ladder. They portray this by writing the article “Schools Can Keep Kids Safe Without Giving Their Teachers Guns,” published on August 31, 2018. The Editorial Board is a group of highly qualified journalists working for the New York Times in the opinion department. They are led by James Bennet the Editorial Page Editor. Within the article, the board portrays three ideas, and their various options on the heated topic.

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In the article “Schools Can Keep Kids Safe Without Giving Their Teachers Guns,” the Editorial Board gives a lot of external resources which they consider to be fact. Considering in America we have freedom of speech and of the press. Which is granted to us through the first amendment in our constitution. For Instance, the New York Times is a form of press, they are protected by the first amendment. They can technically write about anyone or anything any way they see fit. This may have led to false statements that the writers and readers believe to be true.

Considering these incidents, I investigated three important instances within the article to determine if they are correct. As the Editorial board puts it “note that study after study after study equates more guns with more injuries and deaths”. Basically, the board is warning that the proposed solution will only make the problem worse. This statement needed to be investigated on account of the words “study after study”. This statement is not precise on which studies it refers to and how reliable they may be. I found this fact to be correct in that more guns do equal more gun deaths.

As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention data table portrayed it, in the state Alaska where 63 % of adults own a gun 18.8% of Alaskans died from firearms in 2014. After the shooting at Stone Douglass High School state governments and lawmakers have proposed laws to arm teachers. So far only 13 states have proposed such laws and only one state has passed said law according to the Editorial Board opinion piece “Schools Can Keep Kids Safe Without Giving Their Teachers Guns”. In other words, The Editorial Board believes that other states did not pass the law because of The need to big deeper into to this fact is due to why only one state passed the law, and the others didn’t.

The fact is verified through this quote from CNN, “since Parkland, 14 states have proposed 25 bills or resolutions related to arming school personnel, according to data from the National Conference of State Legislatures. Only one of these measures has been voted into law — in Florida”.


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