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Fake news is not already new today it has become a rampant topic since 2017. According to Stroud, fake news or also known as hoax news, refers to the false information or propaganda published that were disguised of being authentic news. It is the spread of misinformation to the public in a specific reason of the publisher but what are the reasons behind and how this fake news affects the thinking of each? How to protect yourself from fake news?

There are a lot of reasons why there is fake news. It can be out of hatred, and jealousy. It can be to harm businesses and anyone. The worst thing is, it is payable. It became revenue to other people. At this point in time, this is how the union are disappearing. They tend to debate between what is true and what is not. To give a mere example about this is between the government and people. It is really closely associated with politics. When election is coming we actually come across with crab mentality which is a negative trait. I do not want to sound arrogant but a lot of researches prove that. A lot of news is spreading about what the government is trying to do in our country, about the government officials. Some are true and some are not yet we people are leaning about the news. Maybe through observing we might know if in the said news is true or not. Fake news has a variety of impacts, depending on the type of information conveyed. Though it depends upon us to believe such things, we need to remember that think first before we open our mouth.

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Fake news has become a daily phenomenon in the changing media landscape where readers are becoming publishers themselves. Every single day we encounter news and usually it can deceive people. We are too caring in such ways that we care for people around us especially to those people who are near to our hearts however it is so saddening that we easily fall out of care when we hear or read something that is against to that person. It gives an impact by means of we are lacking of understanding about how fake news works.

Some people are blinded by money. They think that without money one cannot satisfy his own need that is why they tend to do things just to satisfy their own selves even it is to step up a person. Even they hurt a person. This fake news just advocates negative characteristics that make not to be united and not to be devoted to the loyalty to our own country. It is becoming an epidemic because the fact that the misinformation is repeated again and again we will begin to believe that it is true.

According to new research, as the novel coronavirus pandemic hits, we are seeing the harmful and abusive impact of stigma on both patients and health workers. This is worsened by the rise in fake news and ease with which misinformation is spread. Fake news now is leading us to stigma. In economic development our standard of living consisting of enough medical facilities or all the public services but due to the pandemic we are encountering shortage about the things that we all need and there is a spread of news that some say we have enough medical facilities to cure the people who have the disease and some people say we do not have enough medical equipment to cater the positive patients. In this case discrimination came after fake news. Each people feel like health workers have their own priority but the truth is it is the shortage of medical facilities. Do not know if they are hearing credible news or not.

After researching about this it really shows that fake news has a lot of impacts when it comes to the nationalism. I do believed that we  possess a lot of the best quality traits that we must be proud of but on the other hand we cannot deny the fact that we also have negative traits that can cause to break the union of our nationalism. We can still fight this fake news by our own selves. There still ways to protect our nationalism from this. These are the few ways to avoid uncertainty. Let us spot fake news by first; we check the website or the media used if it is trustworthy. We are in a modern generation already and we can site whether the media used is credible or not. Next, check the facts usually some information contains the wrong dates, names, pictures. And last ask yourself if it is real. You must do a research by yourself for you to make things clearer. We have to remember all of these before we spread information.

We cannot stop people from publishing fake news in media but what we can do is we can avoid the spread of false information. We need to remember in our minds and hearts that we are siblings in our own country and let us not give each other a false hope but rather a true hope.

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