How to Reduce Shootings and Violence

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With the most recent mass shootings, we look at guns and think “violence.” When we were young and had no knowledge of the real world, we were taught that guns were bad. This is all because no one told a child that people use guns to protect themselves, and that the only reason guns are bad is because it can hurt someone. Now, each state has the choice of how they want to handle the gun marketing. Although, some states are more lenient than others, but that is where all the statistics come in place on if it is effective or not. It is safe to say that there are more reasons than not to be strict on gun laws. If guns were regulated and harder to obtain, it would lower the probability of anyone getting hurt or hurting themselves.

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“Guns are responsible for over thirty-three thousand deaths in the United States annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About two-thirds of these gun-related deaths are suicides.” (Gun Control) Being that there is nothing we can do to prevent someone from wanting to hurt themselves, we can try to prevent them from what they use to commit suicide. There are many other ways that people kill themselves, but with the easy access to a gun, it is the quickest way to escape reality. If someone wants to end their life, there is no question that they will spend the last dollar they have to purchase a gun because they will not need the money after that point. This is why Nicholas believes that intense background checks should be a part of the process of purchasing a gun.

On that note, “One study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that a gun in the house was associated with an increased risk of a gun death, particularly by suicide but also apparently by homicide” (Kristof, 3). There is a certain point in time that we all start to notice when things are getting worse in the world. This is mostly because some times are worse than others with the amount of homicides we hear about. A big part of homicides is wondering if the people killing one other, have any knowledge on guns, if one is used. This is a hard thing to discuss because the lack of proof when someone says they have done research. An easy way to fix this problem is making sure people who are buying guns have taken a course on the knowledge of all guns, or the specific one they want to purchase. Along with that, the idea that everyone trying to buy a gun should have to take shooting courses with that, to understand the process of gun safety.

With the many people dying, no one talks about how there are many other ways people die each day. For example, cancer, bad health, working accidents, fights, and last but not least, car crashes. Drivers take the risk every day being on the road. Potentially getting into a fatal accident is a scary thought for most people, but everyone still proceeds to drive. One of the main reasons we continue to do it is because it has become a safer thing to do as the years go on. “Improved technologies were responsible for saving 7,700 driver lives in 2012 when compared to how cars were made in 1985, the institute said” (Lowy). If companies can improve the amount of safety we have on cars, why can’t the government do the same with guns?

One part of all of this is harder to talk about than any other. “Yet while we should be moving toward sensible regulation, in fact we’ve been moving in the oppositedirection. Gun laws have been loosened in many parts of the country” (Kristof, 4). This is never really talked about because of the lack of knowledge on gun laws as I said before. Now, I grew up in a house where no one owned a gun. The closest thing to a gun that we had was a BB gun that could never do enough damaged to kill anyone. Although, this past year, my roommate got a handgun because he just wanted one. He had no specific reason for getting one besides the fact that it was on his wish list. I came home one day to see a hole in the wall from where he had accidentally shot it because he thought that it was not loaded. Keeping this in mind, he had previously told me that he wanted to go to a shooting range for the first time, soon. Along with that, he had no trouble getting ahold of it without even knowing how it works. This just proves that there are no restrictions on owners learning the safety of guns, nor the training needed to use one.

In conclusion, we learn that every day there is a case where a gun has been misused, and this has been brought attention without a thing being done about it. Guns have only created chaos since they were made. If we once lived without them, why can’t we go back to not having them around? No one would be able to hurt each other besides the old-fashioned ways of knives, fights, and etc. I have recently learned that “ Australian gun control policy has been touted as highly effective in reducing gun-related homicide rates, based on the prohibition of semi-automatic and automatic guns, massive buyback of guns, and increased licensing rules, including a need for licensees to demonstrate a “need” for a particular weapon, as well as a requirement to complete a gun safety course” (Jena, 1068). Now if only our government would help regulate as much as Australia has so that there are no more mass shootings in schools, or other buildings with numerous people inside.

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