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How To Relocate Antiquities, Works Of Art And Precious Objects

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A table of prizes, precious wood furniture or an antique vase do not move like a couch or a cookware. Valuables require special packaging and must be accompanied by documents that ensure you in case of problems.

Anticipate the Moving

Whether paintings , sculptures or antiques, your precious objects, which have gone through the years or the history of your family, deserve special attention. First of all, take pictures before the move and have these objects evaluated before transporting them. If you have not already done so, purchase insurance on these assets. In the same logic, revisit the documents concerning these rare and fragile products, in order to guarantee that the conditions of transport are respected and that you keep the corresponding title deeds. It is strongly recommended not to entrust your jewelry to third parties. If you are moving yourself, do not pack them with the rest of your belongings but keep them with you.

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Manage Transport

Make sure you have packed and protected your valuables, using newspaper, extra cardboard, and bubble wrap.

These objects require optimal protection, so consider using a moving specialist, who will offer customized packaging and custom transport crates, built according to the size or type of property, to avoid any pitfall.

Some movers also offer to take care of the packing of your antiques and works of art, which relieves you of the responsibility of a possible breakage. Be present in this case, to be able to supervise this step and to ensure that it suits you. All cartons containing objects that can easily break should, of course, be marked “FRAGILE”. In the transport vehicle, hold these precious objects well in order to minimize shocks. Finally, in case your items need to be unpacked in a special way once arrived safely, remember to tell your mover.

Benefits of a moving specialist

Using the specialists of the moving allows to respect the specificities of each fragile object and each work of art, in all the stages of a move: conditioning, transport and possibly storage at good temperature (if you have to go through the step furniture storage), sense of storage and unpacking, etc … all these little details that will make the difference to ensure that your precious goods arrive safely in your new living space. In addition, there are specific porting techniques that moving companies that are used to managing this type of goods know. Do not take lightly the organization and transportation of these valuable assets, be they financial and / or sentimental.


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