How To Start Building A Startup

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An entrepreneur organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise. They are changed agents. They see needs, wants, and problems. So they find the solutions and met needs. When they met their goals they create jobs for themselves and sometimes even for other people. Sometimes entrepreneurs change the world. You can be an entrepreneur to even if you are still in school because you can run a business on the side. Today’s entrepreneurs are students, innovators, leaders, builders, problems solvers, and dreamers.

Startups and small business are quite different. They have some similarities but they are not the same thing at all. A small business is an ice cream shop or your local coffee shop for instance. A small business is a locally owned business with a small number of employes. They have a relatively low cost and income and no plans to become of incorporation. Startups are also small but they dream big. Their motivation is money, popularity, and success. The fundamental difference between startups and small businesses and in their mind set. Startups and more about gaining ground and becoming a big hit. Something that can have a very big success but also can fail easily. Startups are about the ambitions level of dedication, dream, and threshold. Startups are born to be big. Startups wanna change the world. Small businesses are fine being small, stable and profitable

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When you’re building a startup, how should you go about find your company?

Well first, Seed Round: This is usually a small amount of money given to a company to give it the momentum it needs to produce its initial product. Normally, the company will have a concept and will know that it has potential viability on the market, but they won’t have a working prototype yet. Seed money gives the company just enough runway to move from this early conceptual phase toward a product.

Second you should have a Series A: At the point when a company has a prototype, they can seek funding from a venture capital group to work toward bringing the product to market. The series A funding will be larger than the seed round (usually between three and seven million dollars), and will be offered in exchange for a portion of the company. Startups typically use series A funding to figure out the best business model for their company and to work out the nuts and bolts of moving your product into the actual marketplace.

Third you should have a Series B: By the time they’ve reached series B, a startup has a product and a business model and need enough capital to bring the product to a broader market. This represents a significant increase in the funding, from $7 million to upwards of $50 million.

And last you should have a Series C: This is all about fast growth. In series C funding, companies might move the work they’ve been doing in series B toward international markets or focus on diversifying their product for multiple different platforms.


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