"How to Stop Worrying and Start Living", Dale Carnegie’s Book Analysis

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Dale Carnegie’s famous book, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” was first published in 1940’s and since then, has sold millions of copies worldwide. According to Carnegie, he wrote the book as a self-help for people who worry too much in life. Dale Carnegie is a self-confessed worrier who claimed to have missed an enjoying and fulfilling life because of his constant worries. Several years after its first publication, his teachings still hold true. Here are the key points he wrote in his book.

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Worrying has a price

In the first part of the book, Dale Carnegie talked on the truths about worry. He mentioned that the mind creates the fears and doubts. Worrying is the culprit of dissatisfaction and ungratefulness in life. It affects both the mental and physical well-being. Instead of living for the future or the past and thinking what it can be and what it could have been, he taught the value of living for the moment. His advice was to focus on the task and try to make it the best. If trouble comes, his principle is to think of the worst possible scenario and prepare for it.

There is a proven way to get rid of worries

Dale Carnegie proposed ways on how to get rid of worries. His techniques included gathering information, improving one’s knowledge before making a conclusion and acting to carry out a decision. In section three of his book, he recommended various strategies to break the worry habit. The approaches are still very much applicable in today’s modern world like keep busy and accept the inevitable situations. He also highlighted that each problem deserves only a certain amount of anxiety and one should decide how much energy should be put to it. In the last part, he reminded the readers that acceptance of the past is a must to a worry-free life.

Replace worry with positivity

Because worrying is unhealthy, Carnegie suggested different ways to conquer it. The latter parts of his book stressed on the importance of mental power. Instead of uncertainties, the mind should be filled with hope, kindness, optimism and happy thoughts. He also emphasized on the healing power of prayer. Worries can be solved through day-to-day approach like creating a relaxing home, work area, setting priorities and putting enthusiasm in one’s life. He also shared his own experiences on how he conquered worries and discussed real-life experiences where readers can relate to. He addressed the issues commonly seen in the home and work environment.

He also enumerated basic mental attitude to bring peace, show gratitude and create happiness. The fundamental ideas he shared are effective formula in living an active and happy life. He tried to change the concept of criticism in section 6 of the book. He mentioned that criticisms should start from within and taken as a way to improve oneself.

The inspirational messages of Dale Carnegie in all 8 sections can help break the habit of worrying. All the principles are timeless and proven to be effective.

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