Significane of Aqidah in Islamic Religion

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Significane of Aqidah in Islamic Religion

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Aqidah is the most important foundation of Islamic civilization. Aqidah islam based on al-quran and as sunnah. Aqidah is taken from the word “al-aqdu” which means a bond or knot. Aqidah is defined as the firm belief without any wavering or doubt in Allah SWT. In terms, is a firm belief in everything that delivered by Prophet Muhammad SAW which is tighly concluded that it was impossible to decompose in any way. The basis of aqidah Islam is belief in Allah belief in Malaikat belief in Kitab belief in Prophets Belief in the resurrection and the events of Qiyaamah belief in Qada’ and Qadar. Aqidah is also known as knowledge of usuluddin. According to Hasan Al Bana aqidah are the things must be believed by heart, a belief that is not mixed with the slightest hesitation. Aqidah is important in our life because it will maintain our faith in believing the existence of Allah Taala, believe that the Universe created by itself and recognizing the heresy that can ruin and negatively impact an individual’s Iman. As a Muslims we must know the importance of aqidah in our daily life. In Al-Quran surah al-Hijr verse 9 means Muslim must believe that Islam is the only religion that accepted by Allah. Aqidah can also be symbolized as a someone’s personality. There are a few ways on how to strengthen the aqidah of today’s among young Muslims. Aqidah Islam is a basic requirement of being a believer and the legal requirement of all our charity. To obtain a righteous faith we need to understand and study the attributes of Allah and what is preferred and hated by Allah. Aqidah are important to all Muslims no matter what age we are. We have to learn more about aqidah because it also can be related to our behaviour and do understand what are the meaning of aqidah islamiah. There are many ways on how to strengthen the aqidah of today’s young Muslims.

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Firstly we have to bring ourself closer to the stories of God. For example, Muslims are now forgotten about aqidah so they have to reconsider as examples in al-quran have many inspiring stories that all instill in the values of our faith. However, this depends on how far we understand the story in the Qur’an. If we do not understand, then increase the intensity or frequency of reading the Qur’an while understanding its meaning becomes an indefinable need. Even in the way of reading it is still not possible, we can work it out by buying books that contain stories related in the Qur’an. So, we should never buy novels or stories that do not contain the values of the creed especially that contain elements of myth and pluralism-liberalism. Why so? It is because we must realize that actually we are currently the target of secularism in Western civilization. Hence from now on, we must have the strength of the creed according to our psychological powers. Therefore, in strengthening the creed we have to make it as a prioritize. Zainuddin MZ instructed in one of his enlightenment, “Educate them with a crystalline soul that crystallized inward, seeping up to his bone marrow, which would not have died from his body, the faith would not be separated from his heart. Even he could hardly said, ‘I’m better off to defend my faith than to live a luxury by selling my faith. After that we must gather with the righteous people and this is one of the ways to improve faith and taqwa is chatting with pious people. Righteous people cultivate faith, while with him we will be motivated and enthusiastic to carry out all the commandments of God.

A social person needs friends and mentors to make his life colorful and there is an encouragement from outside. Seek the good ones and form the interaction with it and let us socialize and remind each other with kindness to help us stay in faith in Allah SWT. Do what God’s asking for consistently and if we follow it we will certainly have an impact. Therefore, feel the benefits and meaning of the command of God will only be obtained when we actually run it. For example, fasting is a form of self-training. We will not be able to feel the benefits of fasting through our health if we do not practice of fasting.The higher and more often we carry out God’s commands, the higher we feel the significance of the values of Islam and its useful to ourselves.

Not only that, we also have to make a good entertainment. Every human being needs entertainment. Entertainment certainly no harm as long as the entertainment is beneficial. For that, it can increase faith if we make useful entertainment and run the entertainment without leaving the command of Allah SWT. Follow the Prophet’s Sunnah “The Messenger has faith in the Al-Quran which has been revealed to him from his Lord, so are the believers. They all believe in Allah, His angels, His books and His apostles. (They say): “We do not discriminate between any of His messengers”, and they say: “We hear and we obey.” (They pray): “Forgive us, our Lord and to You are the place we returned.” The above verse shows that following the Sunnah of the Messenger is a way that can be done to increase faith and taqwa. The Sunnah of the Messenger or what the Messenger of Allah did actually was the road directed towards redha Allah SWT. For that, Muslims who follow the Sunnah of the Messenger will surely get the same path and direction as the messenger of Allah.

Multiply gratitude, keep away from complaining will increasing gratitude and avoiding complaining can also increase our faith taqwa. Gratitude means we are always looking for God’s favor and sustenance at any time under any circumstances. That way we will be convinced that God never leaves us and always helps us to gain a lot of blessings and sustenance. Keep away from something not get benefits if we feel incapable of being bound by and avoiding all disobedience, then we need to keep away from the environment until the strength of our faith and our taqwa increases.

Taking care of yourself is much better than staying in an environment that makes us become worse. However, keeping away from a bad environment does not mean that we should be exclusive so there is no social interaction with other human beings. God himself instructed us to socialize to create a good Islamic society. Not inattentive with worldlife it is because it can be happiness or sorrow even though everything is temporary. Therefore, guarding and enhancing faith and devotion can be done by safeguarding ourselves in order to be unhappy with the life of the world. Usually by being too attentive on the life of the world, we also forget God and his commands. For that, be careful in all circumstances so as not to be trapped in worldly affairs solely.

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