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How To Train With Heavy Weights

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Anyone involved in strength training for a few years has probably encountered a weight that had to be lifted, but it was difficult to retain. This is most often seen in exercises such as deadlifts where grip can quickly become a limiting factor. The solution that allows you to continue with the lifting of beaver weights, and get stronger, is a pair of lifting straps. These simple cotton straps can help overcome any limitation grip and allow you to continue training with heavier weights.


  1. Put on the wristbands. Put the loose strap through the look, thus creating a large loop that your hand can pass through. Slide your hand into the loop and squeeze it down on your wrist, pulling on the loose strap. You will have to keep the strap on the side of the palm of your wrist for the best grip.
  2. Starting from the side, wrap the loose strap around the bar as many times as possible. Grab the bar as if you do not have straps, then take your free hand and wrap it around the bar. Repeat with the other hand, what you should do with one hand because you do not have your hands free, although a friend or training partner can help. Make sure the straps are tight around the bar, and be sure to grab everything you can so that the straps will stay in place.
  3. Position yourself for your elevation, grab the bar and strap as firmly as possible, then perform your assembly. Be sure to maintain a good grip throughout the lift. Straps are not an excuse to be lazy. When your set is completed put the weight down, release your grip and pull the wrist away. The straps must unwrap themselves and you can rest and repeat for your next series.

Tips and warnings

Lifting with the straps will feel different than what we are used to. Be sure to try this with a lighter weight so you can learn what it feels like. Once you are familiar with this new form of lifting, you can start using heavier weights.

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Do not let your grip strength get too far behind your strength in general. You should not use straps until you need them, either because a weight is too heavy in that specific workout, or your hands are hurting because of the torn corns.

Continue improving the grip. It may be a good idea to do additional gripping work at the end of your training, or on a different day. This way you can minimize the need to use the straps, and extend your life.


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