How to Write a Green Bridge: the Use of the Literary Device "Bridge"

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One of the vital factors seen in nearly every part of our lives is sustainable practices; “green strategies are now being incorporated in everything from foods to building cars and building engineering structures”. A bridge creates a big venture within the context of funds energy and material and therefore has an important effect on the environment. The United States considers bridge maintenance in detail as well as design and building. “Sustainability is a long-term approach that can enable environmental protection and process improvements” (EPA 2012). Hence, implementation of sustainable practices in terms of bridge design, building, and maintenance can lead to both environmentally friendly structure and efficient usage of resources for a big venture.

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In landscape, design expressions on linear passages can split to a portion of organized areas on valued landscapes; but being harmful to special characteristics that bear out the natural beauty of our signified landscapes and hurting signified landscapes across the nation and our worthful landscapes. Some outlines may result in cutting and disturbing the native texture and aspect of the land such as key ground border patterns and striking related urban infrastructure. The time complexity and historical characteristic of the landscape might change and some historical patterns, direct features, and paths may be detached.

The infrastructure of rail and road influences the local connection and reachability of the landscape disconnecting between places. Infrastructure is like a wall to tap into greenspace and may prevent current horse-riding ways, walking, and cycling. Nevertheless, if the infrastructure of road and rail are designed considerately, some good chances rise for an iconic landscape like green bridges.

Natural crossing structures are mostly seen in Europe and North America smooth movement across landscapes separated by roads. Some forms such as wildlife overbridges, green bridges, tunnels, and pipes are involved in the structure. In the UK, green bridges are a new and current trend but a few at first. This essay is written to highlight the information about the possibility of green bridge installation. To improve existing accident blackspots or wider places to link the environment to the not, green bridges can be strengthened as a new form of the infrastructure plan. Not only strengthening may increase wildlife connection and permeability of the landscape, but also improves potentially attraction and visual quality of the current crossing. More people can get inspiration from green bridges to use their paths following health, welfare, and other advantages such as enhancing quality, and visuality and making useful crossing for cyclists, horse-riders, and pedestrians.

In this essay, you can find information on designing a sustainable green bridge, when to consider designing that type of bridge, requirements for the design process, relations with users, and various types of green bridges that are an example of studies. Also, it emphasizes some multifunction advantages of green bridges and the idea of sustainability for people.  

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