How to Write a Perfect Essay About Someone Who Inspires You

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Every work or every activity has its pattern of doing and finishing. The work that we do is always included loads of hard work and we have to go through so many activity processes to make it perfect and presentable. Essay writing also involves a pattern of writing and it also has to go through some process then only it can be reached a presentable state. In academics when we write an exam there will be a lot of essay questions and some students don’t know how to write and how to start an essay. It affects their mark and academic performance. And also if you are a professional essay writer or article writer you must follow a certain pattern in writing then only you can impress the readers. We know that it is boring work and it takes much time at the same time it is not at all an easy task it needs concentration and strong effort to make it good. To make it good we have to follow a certain pattern of writing and we have to add some interesting and attractive lines that will impress the reader, for example, writing about someone who inspires you. You should not mix up all the ideas at once. Present your ideas and thoughts one by one which will make the reader comprehensible the subject. If you start with a wrong sentence or bad impression then you will not be able to develop a good essay because a first sentence or first statement is very important in an essay to attract the readers. Your lines and words must be simple and should involve meaning full ideas and opinions.

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Research before writing

When you start writing an essay you must keep the subject in your mind and before writing does some research about the subject. When you include important ideas and truth related to the subject it will attract the reader and they will depend on your writing. When you write essays on an academicals basis you must read other reference books and research ideas from the library and online sources it will attract the lecture and adding deep ideas is always a plus point in essays.

Connect with real life

Every subject is directly or indirectly connected with our real life. So give some original touch in your writing. When you connect the subject with real-life the reader will accept the ideas easily. They can relate to the subject by reading it. So the reading will be like reading their own stories or their situations which they may have been going through that idea.

Be funny

Use some fun elements in your writing. If you are writing an essay for any websites or readers then you can add some fun elements to the essay. Serious writing will always be boring to the writer as well as it will bring to the reader. Shakespeare dram tragic drama is serious and sensitive writing still Shakespeare uses some characters which will make the drama more lightly. So such elements will make writing and also reading more interesting. Fun elements always impress the readers and they love it. But be careful while using comic elements because you can’t use them for serious issues. So while adding fun elements understand the topic clearly.

Simple in your ideas

When you get the topic of writing then are sure that you are writing it with simple words and ideas. Never include complex ideas which will be confusing to the readers. When you add simple ideas it will make it easy and interesting and they will be able to connect to the subject matter. Readers always love to read simple ideas and they will be able to comprehend the idea easily.

Take sufficient time

We must be able to transfer good ideas and thoughts to the readers. So the ideas need your time. You can’t get the best ideas at the beginning itself take your time and be patient while writing. Think and rethink the ideas again and again. At first, you will not collect or get ideas. Give rest to your mind. When you are writing an article you must take your time and space.

Relate with the reader

Before writing the article think about the reader. What they expect from your essay is what they need from your essay. Who are the people reading your essay? someone who inspires you? So it is important to keep the reader in your mind before start writing. So always relate your writing to your readers. Identify your reader and according to that write your essay.

Give a proper pattern

While writing an essay you have to follow a certain pattern. It must have the beginning then the middle then the proper ending. In the introduction, the writer must give an introduction to the subject. Just describe the subject to the reader. By reading the first paragraph the reader will get a certain idea about the subject the idea of the reader. In the middle paragraph, the writer must explain the subject and the ideas related to the subject. And should deeply explain the ideas to the readers. And also should give certain examples in that paragraph. At last, the paragraph is called to be a conclusion in which the writer should provide some last thought or some solution related to the topic.

Use good vocabulary

When you use complex words in your writing to impress the readers maybe it will result opposite. Maybe the reader will not like that vocabulary. So while using the word you must know the word meaning properly otherwise never use such big words.

In conclusion. These are some tips that will make your essay better. Perfection can’t be reached easily because you must practice your writing as we know practice makes a man perfect. It is not an easy task it needs concentration and effort then only you can produce a Perfect essay for the readers.


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