How Volcanoes Are the Main Cause of Global Warming

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Global Warming is a slow increase in the Earth’s temperature also called climate change, and because of global warming, our planet is being affected in many ways. The studies of volcanic-tectonic plates are causing our planet to plunge by putting deadly gases into our everyday airflow and putting peoples lives in danger. Global Warming is having an effect on volcanoes which is causing health and living issues in people’s lives. These extensive craters that have been on the earth for thousands of years and have been disputing dangerous gases like sulfur dioxide and acid rain.

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On the island of Hawaii the volcano “Kilauea has been erupting since 1983 and each day has pumped out at least 300 metric tons of sulfur dioxide gas” (Ducharme 2018). Sulfur dioxide gas is a colorless pungent toxic gas formed by burning sulfur in the air and, the dangerous gas is a cause of acid rain Additionally this dangerous gas is causing acid rain. (add a closing sentence)(add a topic sentence) People of the picturesque island of Hawaii “who live near the erupting volcano have been told to evacuate immediately by public health officials” (Ducharme 2018). The population is in danger of the major long going eruption. The vog of the volcano is causing the locals to have asthma attacks and respiratory conditions as well as putting their everyday home life in danger. Tam says “if you take 100 people, there’s going to be a range of susceptibility”. The humidity that is wandering around in our atmosphere is venting and is the main cause of acid rain. The threatening rain “can damage property and taint drinking water” (Ducharme 2018). The damaging and, dangerous liquid coming from the volcano in time the lava will fall and rest into the lake that sits in Kilauea’s crater. To help the situation the Hawaii Gov, David Ige presented an idea to President Donald Trump to create a disaster declaration for Hawaii because of the ongoing problems. The disaster declaration means that federal funds will help the state as well as moving locals to where they need to be. People argue that the eruptions of these problematic volcanoes are a cause of sulfur dioxide and acid rain that it is natural, and there is nothing we can to do help or stop it from occurring. The weaknesses of the situation are the dangerous gases and that it is putting a burden on the local's health and living situations. We could let things intensify or we could help and find a cure for not just the people but for our Earth.

A way to help the people of Hawaii is to relocate the people in the infected area to an area with positive air quality. The Hawaii Department of Public Health says “air quality on the Big Island is currently considered either good or moderate”. That is because air quality around Kilauea the most dangerous air on the island and “Kilauea and it’s fissures, trade winds disperse the gas, mainly to the backside of the island” (Ducharme 2018). (Add closing sentence)(add 2-3 sentence explanation)The studies of volcanic-tectonic plates are causing our planet to plunge by putting deadly gases into our everyday airflow and putting peoples lives in danger. (add to the end of the paper and highlight in green)

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