Issue of Positive Psychology: How War Affects Soldiers and They End Up with Ptsd

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Soldiers will suffer more psychological damage than physical damage in their careers. It is no wonder why mental institutions have become so popular over the past few years. Even though this topic has been more talked about over these years, soldiers have always suffered mental problems worldwide. The mentality of soldiers is important because a soldiers mental state may change post-war.There have been many cases where soldiers have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder also known as PTSD once they come home from war.

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According to Stan Tian, Soldiers may have hallucinations and can find it hard to be the same person they were before war. Due to PTSD, a soldier's future plans may not result as he or she had planned (Tian).War may also mess with a soldiers emotions. According to Shay, It is commonly known for soldiers to become emotionally cold. Relatives or close friends might say, “What’s wrong with you? We were just at your mother's funeral and you didn’t shed a tear.You didn’t even look sad. You just looked like a block of stone” (Shay). Jonathan Shay also mentions that it has been taught to soldiers to hide their emotions, this way they will not feel bad if they kill or injure someone at the battlefield (Shay).Many soldiers may suffer a state of emotional distress. According to Val Willingham, soldiers that do not know how to cope with their emotions may end up relying on drugs or turn to alcohol. She also states that many of these soldiers that do not know how to deal with their emotions also fall into deep depressions. Fourteen percent of soldiers have reported to have suicidal thoughts, while 2.4 percent claimed to have attempted suicide (Willingham).

A soldier's brain may be affected by all that they live through while at war. According to Creagh, the soldiers brain may overreact to fear. In addition, a soldier might get scared by simple things, this means their brain may perceive small things as threats. This usually varies from soldier to soldier since they all do not live the same war experience (Creagh). This can say so much about a soldiers future and how they will live their lives. War may affect a soldiers mental state. Soldiers can suffer a variation of mental problems. They can come home depressed due to all the stress that was put upon them. Their depression may lead to suicide. Soldiers may also acquire PTSD, suffer emotional distress or become an addict. Even though, not every soldier will suffer through these psychological illnesses, they are very common amongst soldiers.

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