The Society's Role in Building Future Leaders of Humanity

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In this paper I want to discuss two important things: What is the leader and how good leader can be impact to our life?

True leaders always practice three R’s: “Respect for self, Respect others and Responsibility to all actions” Here is a question do we know ourselves? We know our name, our family name, our goals, ambitious, our address, our strength and weakness, but we don’t know our thyself: our mission in our life, our deepest potentials and talents. There are many things are happening in our life; war, violence, abuse and natural disasters. Every single problem is happening, because, we become so greedy, with closed mind, with full of fear, anger and jealousy. We forget existence of inner world-Self. We seek for love, when we don’t have it within us, we seek abundance , when we always think about fear and limits, we seek happiness in outer world, when it’s not exist there, we want build peace, when we don’t have within us and we even don’t understand what is this. We want bring prosperity to our community, but we always talk about limited natural resources and limited incomes.

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I always question myself can we give 10 dollar if we don’t have 10 dollar in our pocket, or can we give love, if we don’t have love within us? We have plenty of books, thousands of articles and video how to become a great leader, but most of these resource discuss only surface of the issue. I think leadership is like an iceberg. We can see only surface, but we never realize how big is it. This is the problem of recent research papers, because we just touch the surface, but we never dive to water to see the real potential of the topic. The real powers and miracles are invisible. We will try to dive to water and try to see the size of this topic.

How we build future leaders? We will change the mind of people, because everything start from our thoughts. John Kehoe said : “Thoughts create our reality”. We are creators of our life. Life is a mirror. It only reflect us, not our parents, spouse, family members, not our friends.

That’s why we need to contemplate it and start understand this universal law. Where all these thoughts come? From our mind? Our mind is like a monkey, it jumps from one thought to another. If you will ask yourself, what are you thinking? You can’t even capture your thoughts? Our mind is so fast, faster than the speed of the light. Let me guess what are you thinking now… about your past mistakes, which we never can’t change them or future expectation, we even don’t know what will happen after one second. Now it’s time to control our mind and thoughts, because we create our own reality.

We have to spread mindfulness to everyone through the meditation. 3, 5 years ago I started to meditate and I started to notice changes in myself. I started to connect with myself. Understand the powerful law first cultivate love, respect, inner peace, compassion within yourself and then be role model to others. Mindful leaders will take care of their thoughts, words, actions, behavior and can be a great impact to our society. He /She will cultivate self-love, self-respect, understand yourself. When people know about themselves, they can help others, because they know to wear other’s shoes. When we build mindful leaders our society can also be changed, which will help to make our planet better place to live without violence, abuse, fear and limits.

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