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How We Can Influence On Our Time Management Skills?

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With only 24 hours in a complete day, time is scarce. If the average person receives eight hours of sleep each night that leaves them with only sixteen hours productivity, and leaving only 50,400 seconds before it is time to restart the 24 hour process again. The average person tends to spend up to 90 minutes on their mobile device a day. On paper, an estimated 15 hours seems like fairly enough time to get anything accomplished but in actuality if one procrastinated for the duration of the time then it was not used productively. Time management is not solely about consciously being efficient with time but also about decision making and determination. A myriad of factors all suggest that time management can be easily influenced by extraneous causes and should be monitored accordingly.

Ranking Priorities

Ranking priorities and allotting them the appropriate amount of time is essential. In order to be successful with managing time one must be selective with decision making because if not the priorities could result in the promotion of the wrong activities. Prioritization is what will keep order and structure to whatever it is that time demands. The best way to rank responsibilities is by the level of importance and/ or time sensitivity. The most urgent activities should be the first priority so when time permits, the most stressful and pressing thing is handled before focusing on the less important tasks. By prioritizing you eliminate last minute pressure and reduce the amount of faulty judgement made from poorly ranking priorities.

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Falling victim to procrastination is a downfall for the large majority with time management issues. Procrastination is waiting to study for a final the day before it is administered because it was put off throughout the whole semester. This way of thinking hardly ever produces good results because some things just require more time. It takes approximately 10,000 hours for some people to master something completely. Time needs to be put into some things to receive the benefits and desired outcome. Allowing yourself leisure time is another solution to procrastination. It is understood that a complete day of strictly working could be draining and completely exhausting, including time to decompress is very critical. Not only is decompressing crucial academically but also in general life; stress is easier to cope with when it is not laid on heavy.

Goal Setting

Setting attainable goals is a prime factor for time management, if a realistic goal is set expectations are also. Goal setting can reduce the stress that comes from over expectation that one may hold themselves to. Proper goal setting involves pacing, without it, a proper game plan cannot be constructed to achieve the end result. Structure is necessary for executing an organized plan.


Keeping things simple is such a broad statement but it is true that less really is more. Focusing on the major aspects of anything allows the key components to be satisfied. To a degree, minimalism requires prioritization because identifying the most prominent component is essentially ranking importance.

Finding Your Niche

Time management involves some self discovery to be the most effective for an individual. Tailoring time management around the hour you are most productive and least productive can eliminate any idleness or procrastination. Creating a schedule around the peaks of productivity may contribute to more work being completed. Planning a day out by the hour can also solidify any plans made since it is mentally stored or physically written out. Also, learning style should be explored so that time is not wasted on the wrong on the wrong study habbit(s). The more one learns about their personal academic style, the more customized their approach to time management should become.

Being Proactive

Being proficient in time management cannot be accomplished without motivation or proactivity. Proactivity stems out of motivation and determination. Taking responsibility and control over any situation rather than being passive creates a more controlled environment, lessening the probability of stress. Simply starting early on an assignment or organizing a study group are a few ways one can achieve proactiveness. When things are planned ahead of time there is more leeway to think, plan, and execute and that will be needed to adequately manage time.

The Keys As a Tree

Simplicity, self discovery, structure, setting goals, and sufficiency are the roots of time management. Time management must be an even distribution of all of the roots, no one root living more vicariously then it’s counterpart. If a key element is lacking then growth and prosperity is hindered. Every element must be absorbed and consumed in moderation to receive the fruitful benefits of the labor.


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