How Will I Ensure that My Goals in This Course and Life Will Be Achieved

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Professional SMART goals

I want to graduate in September with a 2.1

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I will achieve this goal by heading in all my assignments on time with a grade of 60% or higher. Any module that I feel I am struggling in I will seek extra help outside of college from a tutor. I will give myself more then enough time to prepare for my exams, where I plan to study for at least 4 hours a day. I will also prepare for my exams by going over past exams papers to get a sense of the actual exam.


Having a good college degree will significantly improve my chances of landing a job. However, if I do not obtain my desired result, I would have to consider doing a masters to help compensate my college degree, which would be a financial burden.

I want to improve my job interview skills before I finish my Summer exams


I will practice my verbal skills by asking more questions in class and also putting myself forward to answering questions. I will also do mock job interviews where I will put myself in a job interview scenario and answer possible questions which could arise. I would record this mock interview and look over it for areas I could improve on. Getting a family member to ask me interview questions over a period which will help me fine tune my answers.


By improving my speaking and listening skills and being prepared as best I can for a job interview will hugely improve my self-confidence. As we are in a very competitive job market, possessing strong interview skills can be a big plus in my job search.

I want to be fully employed by the end of 2019


Revise my CV and make sure that it is up to date. I need to get in contact with my references from my previous job and ask permission to use them as a reference. I will search online for any job possibilities at least four times a week. By persistently checking online I minimize the risk of missing job opportunities. I need to create a list of target companies that I would like to work for and focus in on these companies.


By creating a list of 10-15 companies where I would like to work, I could then search for them on LinkedIn. By visiting each company page, I can gain a greater insight into that company. By researching the companies, I already know on LinkedIn, I can find similar companies I wasn’t aware of by viewing the ‘People Also Viewed’ section.

I want to be the best employee I can be in my new job


I will make the extra effort and take responsibility for my own learning by reviewing documents or company policies and procedures. I will take full advantage of the training they offer and look for feedback, so I can progress. I will observe other employees and continually learn on the job. I will not be afraid to speak up and ask questions if I do not fully understand something.


By having a clear understanding of my role and my position within the team I can achieve the targets set out for me. By reaching my targets and being the best employee, I can be can get me noticed and lead to paths of progression.

Personnel SMART Goals

I want to be healthier which could improve my Summer exam results


I need to run regularly. By running consistently my body will adapt to a regular training stimulus. I will therefore run two or three times a week rather then run four or five times one week and then not run at all the following week. I will aim for specific running distances while training and record them over time, so I can track my progression.


I am setting this goal to challenge myself and to this if I can stick with it. Its smart to look after your own health as it can have benefits such as, ill be able to manage my busy college lifestyle better. It is important while studying to get physical exercise as research shows that physical exercise releases proteins in the brain that can actually help improve your memory and increase your cognitive performance.

I want to start being more productive


I want to start waking up earlier and get into a morning routine where I plan my day and be ready for it. By doing this I can prioritize and work only on material that is important for me personally and being able to say no to anything that’s not valuable enough to me. This can result in me being less procrastinate and enabling me to become a more action-oriented person. By reviewing what I have done at the end of each day and week I can analyse what has made me unproductive and therefore eliminate it. By making the necessary small changes in my daily routine can enable me becoming more productive.


I can avoid wasting my time with useless activities throughout my days such as watching Netflix or playing game consoles, and work on bettering myself instead. This can only happen by carefully examining how I am currently spending my time and then eliminate the activities that are holding me back and preventing me from reaching my goals. Once I have identified these activities and cut them out, I can restore some of my time and reinvest it into beneficial activities.

I want to get the best possible grades from my course


From tomorrow onwards, I will start making my own weekly time schedule for the second term of college. My schedule will contain details such as my class times, study time which include my breaks, my part time work hours and my free time. I will set aside enough time for looking over material that has been covered that week in each module. I will consistently note feedback that I have received from my lectures on my work and apply improved learning techniques to try to achieve better grades.


My overall goal is to reach my full potential as a student and not feel like I haven’t given my best. Getting the best result that I can get is a high priority for myself, as doing the best I can will put me in a good position to kick-off my career after I graduate. This is necessary as I will be entering a highly competitive job market, so doing as well as I can gives me a better chance of landing a good job.

I want to save money for a holiday after my exams


Each day after I’ve finished my college work, I can start doing some research about the holiday. I can spend half an hour each day looking into travel blogs and possible locations for the trip and details about flights. After looking into these I can start to get an idea of my budget and I need to have done before such as visas, documents etc. I can start saving by putting away half of my pay slip into my savings account at the end of each month.


It would be ideal to go away during the summer after I have finished my exams. It’s a great way to unwind as the exam period can be very stressful. It would also help me bolster my efforts towards get the best grades I can as I have something to look forward to after if I do well.

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