Displaying the Issue of Mistreatment Against Women in Untitled Appeal to Citizens of Massachusetts

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Women's rights has been a main issue in America for decades, centuries, ages….etc. It is caused due to the fact that many people, especially men, belittle women in this society to a certain. These texts,, “Untitled Appeal to Citizens of Massachusetts” by Abby May Alcott, the chart with numbers showing representation of white males and females attending school in 1850, and “Discourse on Woman” by Lucretia Mott state facts on the treatment of women. Many women have gone above and beyond to show their worth in the past few year. One thing women hope to gain are their fair civil rights. Civil rights are supposed to be given to all people, even women. Gaining citizen rights should be a highlight in the women's rights campaign to give protection to values, equal opportunities, and women a significant voice; however, some may think changing cultural attitudes should be emphasized to get everyone on the same page.

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One thing that is stressed by talking about civil rights is the “equivalent open door” aka equal rights. This means that in education, the workforce, and other fundamental projects.“...woman who has enjoyed the full advantage of all their culture, is not as competent to form an opinion on civil matters…”. The textual evidence behind this quote shows how women feel after given their civil rights. If women were given an opportunity to explore their abilities then they wouldn’t have a heavy opinion on the civil rights matter. “A new generation of women is now upon the stage, improving the increased opportunities furnished for the acquirement of knowledge. Public education is coming to be regarded...”. This evidence from “Discourse on Woman” explains that women with civil rights can make their own opportunities.The social liberties can give women the chance to make moves on their own and “secure the bag”.

Everything appears to be so uneven between the genders, female and male. Both genders have values that they are qualified for have confidence in “Woman as wife, mother, daughter, and owner of a property, has important rights to be protected.” This piece of textual evidence comes from “Untitled Appeal to Citizens of Massachusetts” which states that a woman no matter her position should have equal opportunities concerning civil rights. This allows and provides a woman with the respect that she wants in order to feel the importance that she deserves in this society. This text also talks about basic civil rights that will make a woman feel protected. “Besides, our institutions are not based on the idea of one class receiving protection from another; but on the well-recognized rule that each class, or sex, is entitled to such civil rights, as will enable it to protect itself.” If women were given the laws that they are entitled to, nevertheless earned, they would not need protection from the opposite sex due to the fact that they have rights under the constitution.

Having confidence is one of the most important things any person can have, and with confidence comes with being able to speak up for yourself. Freedom of speech has been stressed in the first amendment for ages, but that doesn’t completely matter in this society. Women can uphold the right to speak freely everlastingly yet that won't shield their words from being overlooked, there should be dynamic activity and increasing social liberties that gives women voices. They have a voice as people and as one gathering of ladies “Woman is surely as competent to give that consent as a man...she is entitled to a voice in fixing the amount of taxes, and the use of them when collected, and is entitled to a voice in the laws that regulate punishments.” There is a firm capacity for a lady to do the same amount of as a man can do and say as feelings of things in the lawmaking body. They say we have a majority rule government, however without level with social liberties among the genders, the vote based system is extremely feeble. A powerless type of government isn't useful for common issues as states in "Untitled Appeal to Citizens of Massachusetts". "Be that as it may, our own is an administration professedly laying on the assent of the represented." If the administering party is frail and inclination then they with emit exceptionally powerless and predisposition matters which would debilitate the general public. In any case, ladies can come in and make the gathering more different and have a voice to ensure issues surprisingly get tended to.

In conclusion, each article displayed certainties and thoughts regarding women changes and rights. The woman is a solid figure in social orders, yet individuals don't see it or have a lack of knowledge in regards to it, and some couldn't care less. Women rights are more vital for the establishment of having openings, a free voice, and assurance in the general public, and women's rights ought to be worried in this campaign. Some say modifying social esteems ought to be underlined, yet why take the harder and longer course for a sentiment on what ladies ought to have the capacity to do. Assessment is phony, and they can't achieve a flat out change to the privileges of ladies in the general public. Social liberties, be that as it may, can achieve a radical change in the energy of ladies.

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