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How You Can Select Workshop Press For Your Purpose

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Workshop press is a versatile tool used in factories and workshops. You will do well if you get one for your home garage too. Whether you need to bend something or straighten something you need such a press. However, a hydraulic press is not just for bending or straightening. It is used in factories to seal pack food products and other consumables. It is regularly used for designing various appliance parts.

Manufacturing Various Machine Parts

A workshop press is used extensively to manufacture electrical equipment. Wondering why? It is used mainly for assembling parts within a housing. Small items like thermostats are also produced by pressing.

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Ceramic items

The ceramic items that you can see are made from coarse granules of ceramic. These coarse grains need to be compressed tightly in order to give it a certain shape. This is possible with the help of a workshop press. The granular ceramic cannot be made into clay without high pressure. Since ceramic items are used extensively in a wide range of fields, the use of workshop press for this purpose is high.

Car parts production

There are many parts in automobiles that are produced by pressing. Clutch, gear, bearing assembly etc are some of the most common automobile parts that require the use of workshop press. Stuff like windshields, wiper blades etc also need such presses for designing.

Precision manufacturing

A workshop press is also used in precision manufacturing. In such manufacturing scenario, sensors are used to arrive at exact measurements. Manufacturing stuff like fuel injection sensors etc.


It is almost universally used for stamping.

Designing aircraft parts

Airplane body panels, gear assemblies, wings of aircrafts are also built using Workshop press.

Military use

It is also used by the military extensively. They use it to load ammunition like shells onto the guns and cannons. You can find such presses on navy ships and other places where you may need to repair stuff.

Heavy industry

Hydraulic workshop press is extensively used in heavy industries such as pulp making and paper manufacturing, turbine part designing, making wood products, designing marine systems as well as off shore systems etc.

Variety of Machines

Hydraulic machines are available in different pressure capacities, weights, frames and features. You can get C-frame platform, H-frame platform etc. You can also get various other types of machines.

Open-gap press

Such a press is open in three sides. These are normally used for precision work like punching, bending etc.

Four-column workshop presses

For even power distribution, you can use these presses. These machines come with a H shape frame for equal power distribution.

Straight side workshop presses

For straightening steel and other metals, you need a Straight Side hydraulic press. This is because such a workshop press offers rigid support for such jobs.

Special features

You may need special features for certain types of work. You may need sliding bolsters, pressure reversal switches, ejection cylinders etc for precise and consistent stroke control.

How To Get The Most Suitable Workshop Press

To get the moist suitable one you need to look at various parameters.

The Cylinders The cylinders are the mainstay of workshop presses. They build the hydraulic pressure. Since you may need a variety of pressure measurements, the cylinder needs to be adjustable for pressure.

Reputed cylinder manufacturer

Look for the cylinder manufacturer. It needs to be a reputed manufacturer. The input and output cylinders must be designed for optimum pressure output.

Cylinder diameter

The diameter of the output cylinder is important. It needs to have a larger diameter compared to the input cylinder. The bigger the diameter, the greater is the pressure. The ratio of the diameters of the input and output cylinders must be optimum.

Maximum system pressure

Every hydraulic press has a tonnage tag. This is the maximum pressure that the press can exert. It needs to be in keeping with your requirement. It also determines the power consumption.

The power factor

The power exerted by a workshop press depends on the speed of strokes, duration of the stroke and length of the pressing element. See if the parameters are matching those given in the tag.


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