Human Activities that Cause Climate Change

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Climate change has been a topic of discussion for quite a long time now. We can see it being mentioned everywhere, from television news to radio to newspapers. Even though there exists a group that believes climate change is something natural and not a happening to worry our minds about, many people wish to differ. They argue that climate change, contributing to the greenhouse effect largely due to human activities that cause climate change and causes severe environmental impacts, which have resulted in growing dilemmas. They suggest that the underdeveloped and developing countries are extremely threatened by the significant changes in climate, and it would prove to be an impending threat for developed countries in the long run as well, if obviously, not dealt with effectively.

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There are many arguments made denying the existence of climate change. People say that climate change is a “hoax,” and so is the idea of global warming. They argue that science does not have anything to do with consensus, rather it has everything to do with reality and factuality. It is argued that all the propaganda raised about global warming and climate change is just a strategy to be able to reduce the energy supply. Not only that, it is also claimed that it is impossible to heat up the planet with the humans’ carbon emissions. However, we can evidently see the effects of global warming in many instances. For example, Philippines has seen rising see levels in the past, which damages the ecosystem by destroying the coral reefs of the region. The continuous rise in sea levels would inevitably eat up the homes of the people living at the coast. It would also be extremely expensive for a developing country like Philippines to build homes that could withstand such a disaster.

To add to that, the northern, western and eastern parts of Africa will face extremities such as heightened desertification and droughts that will exhaust food sources along with the already limited sources of water, which are essential for agricultural growth and cattle-rearing as these are the most common occupations and have a direct impact on the society. Furthermore, this would aggravate the already prevalent hunger-diseases and starvation leading to the suffering of millions. Moreover, the southern areas near the coast would experience floods because of the rising sea-level. It is extremely difficult to resolve issues of climate change in Africa due to a wide range of calamities damaging societies in different parts of the continent.

Many arguments can also be made about the UAE. It can be said that because the labor force in the primary sector amounts to a minor 5%, climate change will not affect the overall economy, and therefore is not an issue to worry about. However, it is important to remember that it may possibly have a radical impact on tourism. The demand of tourism constantly changes and as climate change poses a threat to societies all over the world, damages suffered elsewhere will reduce the amount people invest in tourism and luxury products. In addition to that, the UAE is largely dependent on imports to obtain fresh water and food supplies. Therefore, if food and water supplies in other countries are hit by climate change, it would lead to overpricing of local goods resulting in unaffordability for lower- and middle-class societies, which could trigger widespread poverty. The local population would suffer immensely as electricity, water, food, and other necessities would not be supplied in the same quantities as before, in order to tackle the change in overall climate. This would seriously hamper the financial situation of the economy if they are incapable to equip themselves against sudden change.

If societies continue to neglect the threat posed by the greenhouse effect through the consumption of fossil fuels, then societies would continue to suffer its negative impacts. There will be the threat of several environmental extremities such as droughts, famines, floods. The consequences of which would cause death and hunger related diseases such as cholera. Not only would countries suffer financially but it would also hamper the future by making it unsustainable for future development. Along with societies, flora and fauna would also be at risk leading to the extinction of species becoming common. Without these, human survival will also take a toll. Therefore, change and a united action to fend off climate change is of extreme importance to keep the future generations safe.

Finally, accepting the effects of climate change bears no harm. Understanding that climate change is a matter of concern and trying to fix it would encourage close cooperation between countries and international societies, encouraging the sharing of resources, knowledge and technological advances. This would result in better relations within countries, and financial resources could be shared to relieve countries and societies of poverty. Consequently, societies will get to enjoy better infrastructure and will be able to educate themselves on the impact of climate change and how to effectively counter it.

In conclusion, it is ironic how almost everybody contributes towards the greenhouse effect, but only some understand the true severity of its impact and change in climate it causes. Therefore, we often face the arguments and debates about whether it is something one should be concerned about or not. What is crucial for one’s knowledge is that even if everybody in the future agrees with the existence of the adversities of climate change, taking correct and required actions then may not be enough as a lot of the damage has already been done.

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