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The human body runs on a clock, and that includes the continuous cycle of waking and sleep. However, everyone’s clock is a little bit different, whether the person be across the world or even from the person sitting next you, but there is one thing though that is the same with everyone. Research done by scientists and an article written by Daniel Goleman in the New York Times shows that a built-in nap or rest time is necessary and that you are not feeling tired in the middle of the day for no reason, but rather it is normal. The article states that ages ago when people did field work all day, they would wake up so early and by two- three o’clock when the sun reached the highest point, since it was too hot to work and people got tired, they would go in and sleep (Goleman, 1989). The human body is literally programmed to feel tired and sleepy in the middle of the day because our ancestors did it for so long. The problem is that not having a break in the day decreases productivity as well as work ethic in any given community. This affects students in their early lives causing poor early education and later in life at work.

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Audience: This requires the attention of administrative faculty as well as heads of companies. Targeting administrative faculty and heads would be the most effective in implementing my policy. HARMS: Effect 1: Stress For school students, who are also young, they have to wake up at ungodly hours like 6:00-6:30 am just to catch a bus and then go to school where they are faced with back to back classes and then they get a fifteen-minute recess and a half an hour lunch. On top of that, they are sent home with a ton of homework for every single one of their classes that they are then required to finish and each teacher prioritizes their respective classes. In addition, tests are given in class which have to be studied for. This not only impacts their learning capabilities but also how they perform on tests and other assignments. A study done in the nature article showed that acute stress affected the performance of students on memory recall tests and quizzes (Vogel and Schwabe, 2016). This can have an impact on their later lives as well because stress can lead to other chronic conditions.

Unproductivity Leads to unproductivity altogether because people feel stressed out and that leads to doing more of nothing rather than motivation to do something. Especially big in corporate offices where work constantly needs to be done, but the feeling of lethargy and tiredness leads to not as much work being done. This leads to other problems within in the workplace which contribute to absenteeism, adversely affecting companies and people as well (Skerrett, 2009). The absenteeism can be attributed to obtained health problems. Effect 3: Health Issues The stress that not having a break can take a toll on the body in a different number of ways leading to bigger health problems. There are many studies that show that long periods of sitting can lead to body issues within the various body systems. A study published in oxford journal showed that people who were sitting for extended periods of time tended to have deleterious effects on their metabolism, as well as chronic physical aches. Students and employees are forced to sit for hours at a time throughout the day which can lead to the aforementioned health effects (Wendall et. al 2013). This also impact them in the long-run because minor health effects can turn into bigger ones later in life. (Washington Post)

INHERENCIES: There are several factors to consider when attempting to alleviate this problem. Other factors: Having a break in the middle day does not cost money, although people may think that some stores may lose business that is not necessarily true. They can more readily prepare for evening rushes and thus increase business because they will know how to handle given situations. This solution will not only help students, but it will also adults who do other jobs to relax and take a break; they will be happier and happier people will generally return to the places that make them happy. This affects pretty much everyone, for those obtaining an education it hinders their learning capabilities and for those working it affects their productivity on the job and their performance. Other countries have already implemented an idea like this and have things built in for students and people who work in corporate office in Spain there is a siesta and essentially there is a break in the day from 2pm-5pm for almost everybody and everyone goes home and gets to relax be with their families. This has not only caused improvements in health for those living in Spain, but also increased productivity for the workers and although the days might be a little longer, they get a break that makes up for later evenings. Other countries in central Asia have even adopted this idea to increase productivity. It also helps to improve health issues in humans as mentioned before. Supporting point: In addition, there are laws that require a 30-minute break for working a certain amount of hours, but even that varies from state to state. Colorado has a rule for half an hour after 5 consecutive hours, but then places like Nebraska they have a half an hour for every 8-hours worked (Department of Labor). There is no standard that people can follow.

SIGNIFICANCE: This is important because in the long run people will be happier. In addition, when customers are happier they will return for businesses and for school’s parents will want to send their children to a school that excels in their academics and keeps their children happy.

PLAN: The companies and schools can issue a rule that has a break in the middle of the day for a couple hours. This break would allow people to come go home and relax and although days might be a little longer, people will feel rested enough to continue those couple extra hours. This also increases family time during the break and since people will have more energy after work, rather than just sleep, they can spend quality time with their families. Supporting point: Some might argue that the day might be longer because people have to make up those hours, however having a break will increase productivity so one might not even need to stay those extra hours.

SOLVENCY: This plan would lead to overall more happiness in people and they would tend to stay healthier both physically and mentally.

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