Human Curiousity: is Space Exploration Worth the Cost

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Space Exploration for years has been a priority for humans to explore the outside world and find any life forms, planets and maybe even a future humain place for humans to life in the future. But is it really that worth it. For too long society has been wasting their time on Space, for all we know there could be nothing up there so why are we looking for anything. We all know that one day the earth will be corrupt due to global warming maybe nuclear warfare or possibly the sun dying causing us to freeze to death. But why wouldn't we just focus on how to prevent all those outcomes instead of wasting about 500 million dollars just to launch a rocket.

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In some launch attempts things have gone downhill such as when the space shuttle Challenger exploded during launch in 1986 while killing 7 other astronauts. Another incident was in 2003 the shuttle Colombia also exploded during reentry killing 7 astronauts. All those attempts failed leading to billions wasted when it could have gone to a better cause. Technology has gone a long way including the rockets but imagine if we used the money to find other Technological advancements. The cure for cancer has been a recent study and also self driven cars which may have all been done by now if we didn't focus as much on the explorations. Also right now NASA has been looking at colonizing on possible planets for the future such as Mars but we only will have to move in years to come. For the time we have NASA should be working on how to reuse oxygen, airlocks and more for our future.

A great idea was for NASA to launch space rovers, they don't cost too much and put no lives at risk, they offer a safe and still interactive option which is amazing. NASA could also spend more money on rovers instead of rockets they could have better improvements and still gather all the information we need. Space probes also offer great outcomes for its budget it offers everything an astronaut needs to survive their journey. They also provide a safe way up to space and back down. Satellites are an issue though they are very costly and are hard to maintain they send GPS signals, pictures and other photos from the satellite back to earth. Satellites are also very hard to launch most have gone unsuccessful like in 2017 when the spy Zuma did not reach orbit causing it to fail and waste billions. The Satellite will also usually not reach signal with Earth this is caused by nobody working on it or weather issues when the signal reaches a sunspot which has a major interference. In space there is no way to repair things other than the Hubble Arm so if there is an issue on the satellite it can cause a big delay. NASA has been working on a project called the SSDO (Satellite Servicing Development Office) which is robots that are designed to work on the satellite specifically.

From when it comes to Earth and Space the difference is jurassic but maybe in the future it wont. NASA has been doing an amazing job trying to find a new home and it's a great idea but hopefully it goes all to plan. For the years to come, I hope our society and astronauts stay safe for further explorations to come. 

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