Human Dependence on Technology Today

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Anything that helps to reduce work in routine life is described as technology. Such as mobilephones,computers,laptops and internet. No doubt, technology has made the whole world a global village but it has contrasting effects also. Technology, if used in a positive way might have positive influence but now a days these inventions has disturbed the whole atmosphere and I totally agree with this statement that people are becoming socially less interactive because of using such inventions. Today many children do not know how to behave with others and are living in their own virtual life. In my point of view, children who are born after the invention of internet are less social than those who are born before. So, it is a big problem of our society .this essay will clear to which extent technology is having a negative impact on present life style. The reasons are following:

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Technology can be a big snag to cause isolation between people , because people connecting more in ways that they do not involve to each other face-to-face and they contact to each other through chat rooms, texts, and websites, and face-to-face contact is reduced. First of all, population is dependent on technology rather than human interaction. Before technology, people used to have gossips with each other by sitting in front of each other but now situation is totally different applications of technology has taken place to communicate. Now the charm of visiting shops for shopping is also decreasing day by day as at online shopping everything reaches home at just a single click. Now it seems inventions especially cell phones has become life partners. I have seen many people sitting isolated in front of people using cell phone without knowing what is going around. Children too have adverse effects .they ignore outdoor activities and other healthy works, rather, they prefer to post pictures and chit chat with buddies on social media on internet. Students also skip the classes due to comfort zone that is provided by the technology. As they have easy access on their syllabus through online lectures. Thus, it is making them isolated. people spend more time sitting alone in front of a computer than to direct meet the people and do conversation to each other .So that is the cause of isolation between people, because people unplugging from technology. They thought that, if they are not connected at all the times with social media so they will miss out on something because users are afraid too much to leave the social media.

Technology surrounds us, like water in the ocean, people are swimming in technology every moment. However, there is a point at which people are overtaken by technology, when the wave engulfs us and there is no way out. People are becoming more and more dependence on technology. Ever since technology began heavily integrating itself into society, many major uses have developed, but at a cost that brings on dangerous side effects, outside of the classroom and the office, technology is still omnipresent.

Today, everyone seems to be independent on technology in one way or another. We see television for news, entertainment, sports and other such things. Which has made addicted to everyone. It seems that cell phone has become life partner of human beings. As everyone is busy in chatting either on messages or call. Now students are dependent on laptops for the books. Which is becoming the cause of week eyesight and headache. Thus society is dependent on technology rather than human beings .moreover people also communicate less in real life ,they enjoy by capturing a series of selfies rather than communicating with eachother.Parents are too dependent on technology ,instead of giving their valuable time to children, they are busy in checking status at Facebook and Whatsapp. Thus their dependence on technology is also affecting the morality.

Students are devolving poor studying habits and lazy attitude towards education. Because they think that everything is available online now and some of them also skip school because they thought that they can find answers and lesson online , they use internet for even a little meaning instead of reading book and they totally depend on the internet and sometime only use of internet leads to neglect the basics of studying. Sometimes instead of their books and the input from their teachers they rely on computer and the internet. Most of them use spell checkers and finally misspell words, they also use computer to solve mathematical questions and directly check the answer instead of using mathematical equations of traditional way not using brain and depending upon technology which is made by some others mind .(e.g.-people using calculators even for doing simple calculations.)which results in loss of creativity.

“In 2016, after escaping from an Internet addiction rehab center, a 16-year-old girl tied and starved her mother to death in revenge of the being sent to treatment in Heilongjiang Province.[99]””

Now a days most of people seem to be spending their most of time in front of mobile phones or computers. Sitting for hours in front of screen causes depression, insomnia and headache. More ever, blood pressure also fluctuates due to which different diseases take place. Especially teenagers are surrounded in chit chat with their buddies on sites of social networking for long time.morever, psychological imbalance is created due to over use of mobile phones. People who are addicted to mobile phones suffer from insomnia to depression. Too much sitting in front of cell phone can cause muscle fatigue. Thus immunity of body is also disturbed due to such imbalance. Mental and nervous system is also strongly affected .the results are clear, people are becoming peevish and angry due to which they also communicate less in real life and become socially less interactive.

“The disease cause by mobile phone devices are Brain Tumor 74%, Male Infertility 37%, Heart Disease 45%, and Effect on Foetus 21%, Ear Hearing Function 80%, Alzheimer’s disease 11% and Parkinson’s disease 3%. … The percentage of diseases caused by mobile phone.”

The invention of facebook, whatsapp, twitter, snapchat, messenger, Instagram,twiitter and other social apps are ruining student life. Now most of the time of students is wasted on these sites. They check Facebook and whatsapp notifications frequently. Children have become sluggish and lazy. They are find busy in playing mobile games, accordingly, they have hardly any friends. And adult also too have become socially inactive as they are well engaged in chat with their buddies on network sites. On the other hand, earlier people used to go out at night within their dear ones and made conversation about different topics; nevertheless, we cannot eyewitness this kind of scenes. Because of the mobile phones, parents are also too busy with their mobiles that they spend their time with mobiles activities than spend their important time with their children. Due to which children feel isolated which affects their ethics too. Smart phones has broadened the social gap and isolation between people, especially among kids

Furthermore, now a days, there are even such websites which allows us to purchase our house hold, regular use products like spices, fruits and vegetables. “OLX. Com” is an example of such a website. We can easily place our order and pay the bill whether by using our credit card or after delivery, and the website team delivers you with your ordered products. These services all alone over the web by using internet with others. The more we do not interact with other the more we will get less social.

Some in the case of fast food home delivery. New generation is much more keen about fast food. The free services of free home delivery urges people to stay at home and order on the mobile phones to deliver the fast food at home. Many families prefer to stay at home than visiting bazar which results in less social activity. All of this is due to the use of modern technology. An android application with the use of internet which are contributing their part to make us less social.

We are more indulged in technology and we do not have bother to notice that what is going in our surroundings. Our younger generations are much more attached and attracted towards these new inventions in technology and they spend their important time than rather making some new friends or to spend time and made some remember able and remarkable memories with the old ones. I do not believe that we humans in the future, will even try to change what are we doing but we might be more addicted to it.

Our older generation did not use technology such as mobile phones to communicate and they also showed no interest toward it. By this we can make a rough idea that we actually are not in need of this technology and wasting our much valued time by spending hours and hours on internet, laptops, computer and mobile phone. All this could result in different sorts of social problems in lives and could overall affect our society in the shape of Smartphone. We can make a perception from the above discussion that our newer generation has loosed creativity..

Addiction of technological inventions is creating distractive effects. While many drivers make or answer a all while driving and might have serious accidents. The mind of new generation is constantly changing as they are connected with social media in every moment. the fear of losing mobile phone and its contacts,texts,images and videos is also constantly changing mind. even serious complications can be caused by just running out of battery or missing any important information.

To sum up I feel technology is making us idle and less creative. The amount how human dependence on technology today is unbelievable and this challenge has to be solved. Today calculator is used for simple calculations but not our mind. Devotion of people is drastically reduced due to technology. When people have to spend more than few minutes or try to create something they become discouraged. They at last than turn to devices for responses. this is creating a fact that there is nothing need of anything new to be discovered. Which limits the creativeness as well.-.morever,, the creation of smart phones provided more relief to the society, which has become the cause of social gap between people and isolated everyone ,specifically children suffered mainly. In my family, when I look at children of latest generation ,I see a great difference as they cannot even spend more than few seconds without a mobile phone which is the matter of great regret also. Today whenever we are boor, we just remove our boredom by playing games or entering the fake world of social media. through mobile phones and other such devices. These inventions were invented to make our life easier but today situation is alarming because of too much of dependency on it. Thus, the results are clear as creativity is decreasing, people are becoming more selfish and less social.

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