Comparative Essay: Human Geography of India and the World


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India has a huge problem with overpopulation, with a population of 1.2 Billion they are struggling to keep up with the demand of food, space, and water. To help with these issues family planning, contraception, Anti- Natalist Policy and education of women have been started.

In 2015 India had an outbreak of Dengue which killed 220 people with almost 100,000 cases reported. This pandemic could have been less impactful if the hospitals did not make people share beds, and prevent doctors and nurses taking days off of work. One thing India needs to work on is how they handle large scale epidemics where they have a large quantity of people sick flooding into their hospitals. From what I read is that India needs to educate the public on how to prevent the diseases from spreading. Lots of cases have gone unreported because people try to “ tough it out” when they really are just hurting them and everyone around them.

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India’s population pyramid (1) is wider at the bottom than the top, which mean that they have a younger population. This is good and bad, the good of it is that they have enough people to work and take care of the elderly and young (Dependency Ratio). The bad part of having a younger population is that when the young people reach the age of fertility the population is going to skyrocket unless they choose to have less kids. To prevent this India is trying to persuade people to have less kids by teaching women that they have a choice when it comes to their bodies. Japan has recorded declining population of children 37 years in a row! Last year their population of children was 170,000 more than on April 1, 2018. Their population has been plummeting since 1981. Right now Japan has a Total Fertility Rate of 1.42.

One thing that Japan has been very proud of is not having lots of immigrants flooding into their country. In 2017 Japan’s Net Migrants was 50,000. Sine Japan has one of the highest life expectancies (84.2 years old) there are more people who are not in the workforce than are in the workforce, putting a strain on the government to help take care of them since their children do not have time to take care of them.

Like Europe, in 2015 Japan’s natural increase rate is in the negatives (-2.10) since they are decreasing in population and they are not letting many migrants by 2100 their population will have decreased by 42,870,268 people. If they do not solve their rising issue of parasite singles, they might have to reconsider a lot of things they do in the near future.In the US people emigrate or immigrate for a lot of different reasons. Some of the reasons might be that housing or cost of living is too high, their work moved them, or even if someone retires they might move to a different place just because. According to the two highest reasons to relocate inside the US is to find better housing and because of a family reason. If you work for a oil company like my dad did, you might have to move around a lot because your company has found a new pocket of oil, natural gas or shale and they need more people at the new site. Or you could be really good at your job and they need you to train new employees that have just been hired at the headquarters.

Many people voluntary migrate when they retire move down south or another place down south because they can get away from the cities and relax on the beach. Some of the pull factors of moving down to the south is nicer weather, peaceful living, and its cheaper than living in the city.

Another reason people are moving within the US is the high income tax rates. Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore predicted that approximately 800,000 people will go to other states with lower income tax rates because where they are now ( California and New York) have higher tax rates already and if they raise it anymore they will not have enough money to have a decent living. In March 15, 2011 the Syrian Civil War started and over 13.1 million people in the country need humanitarian assistance. More than 5.6 million have been forced migrants and are currently unauthorised immigrants, asylum seekers or refugees in other countries. 6.1 million are IDPs. 95% of Syria lack proper healthcare and around 70% have access to clean water.Many countries have accepted Syrian Refugees like France, Germany and the US, but many countries are reluctant to let refugees in because they are scared of terrorist attacks like that has been happening in France. There has been a lot of backlash on whether countries should start taking in refugees or to stop receiving refugees.

The children have been affected the most in my opinion because they have seen unspeakable brutality and have been put through malnutrition,child labor,loss of education and most of all their childhood has been ripped away from them. Over 2 million children from syria are out of school because their schools has been destroyed or it is not safe for them to go to school. Many children have to work in dangerous conditions to help support their family to get food or have enough money to escape the country. Also children are kidnapped and forced to be a soldier and fight in the war, most of them do not make it.

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