Human Impact in Places Like Australia and Alaska

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 To argue the companies like “LyondellBasell” that are the creators of nonrenewable resource items (plastic), to decrease their production. Also to inform the public about the human impact, and persuade them to take action over it. Although action is being taken over human impact, it’s not enough for Australia and Alaska’s environments. These are a big example of climate change as there animals are dying, temperatures are dangerous and we are the causes of it. Let’s start donating to fundraisers and take better care of the Earth.

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“ What is are future?” or “ What is the future of the Earth”is what we ask ourselves, but will the future be worth it if you don’t have a place to make it happen. This is the situation of the creatures on Alaska and Australia, even if the don’t have our knowledge to think about the future but they aren’t the cause that their environment is dying; we are, because they are just following their natural habitat, that are part of this world. Although we don’t think the results of our actions, but they are bigger and harmful for the environment. We should take action and save Alaska and Australia including the species. In the past, human activity was just started and had no idea what the results of our action be, even if the activity weren’t in Alaska, our actions around the world affected the greenhouse gases causing climate change (dangerous temperatures). Unfortunately in Australia we continue killing the natural habit and constructing building, we are taking the homes of the animals. Today, we have more knowledge of how human activity can be to our environment. Alaska have funds that we can donate to and have more knowledge of the situation and the improvement. Australia is also a country with funds in it to save their natural environment. Other people believe that human activity is not a cause of natural disasters (human impact). Is a natural change of the Earth and we shouldn’t be blaming us. “ The climate is changing is keeping with natural cycles”. Searches says that in definitive humans are impacting the environment, but there’s still a solution. Have others to know about what’s really happening, is a beginning to start with.Although action is being taken over human impact, it’s not enough for Australia and Alaska’s environments. These are a big example of climate change as there animals are dying, temperatures are dangerous and we are the causes of it. Let’s start donating to fundraisers and take better care of the Earth.

Today, we are experiencing the result of human impact on the earth’s environment mainly caused by human activity.’ Since the mid 20’s, human activities have contributed to increased atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, rising sea levels, higher ocean and atmospheric temperatures and reductions in ice and snow’. Before, we started noticing changes in our environment we wouldn’t care about throwing trash in the garbage or recycling but the lack of important resources, gave us a warning. Unfortunately we didn’t pay much attention to it and human impact to the environment increase; causing air pollution, climate change, global warming, ocean acidification,etc. Although, Alaska and Australia are aware of the human impact and they are taking action over it, around the world is still a problem that is also affecting them both. Making a change can save this planet; our environment and the creatures in it (including humans). Donating, recycling and planting are some actions that can decrease the damage caused to the environment. For example, in Alaska many creatures are about to extinct due to the impactful climate changing.

On Australia, deforestation is the big problem, which leans to more problems like the probabilities of extinction of the creatures that their habitats are in the environments of Australia. Unfortunately tourism is also a cause to the damage made on Australia due to the amount of tourists on the last few years, they were providing an increase in economy but they were also contaminating the natural fauna. For example, the beautiful corals located in the beaches of Australia are bleaching and that is causing a reduction in turisms, affecting the economy of Australia.

Human impact is a problem because it affects everyone on earth: it’s been increasing dramatically in the last century. Causing climate change, air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, global warming, and overpopulation. This impacts are affecting many cities, states, countries like Alaska & Australia, almost getting them to the destruction. One example is Alaska well known for their many national parks, preserves, monuments and national historical parks are home to a host of natural, cultural, and historic wonders. “Alaska, the Land of the Midnight Sun, has the nation’s largest glacial system, world-class wildlife viewing, North America’s tallest peak, and so much more”. Also , it’s cold temperature and amazing creatures located in it, but now they are being affected by climate change in the environment. Not only destroying animal habitats , but also killing peoples houses or childhood neighborhood . As a result, animals are dying and the water it is decreasing. For example, Puffins colorful-billed birds that look like miniature penguins are experiencing population declines, as the sea water warms up fish are moving into deeper, making it harder for puffins to catch food. Also perennial sea ice has declined, as so the lakes, ponds, and rivers are decreasing their size or resource of water, not only affecting animals but also the community around it. “September 2012 had the lowest sea ice extent on record, 49 percent below the 1979-2000 average for that month. The September 2014 sea ice extent was nearly 700,000 square miles less than the historical 1979-2000 average for that month – a difference more than twice the size of Texas, Arctic, with recent measurements indicating a loss of 50% of sea ice since 1979”. Climate change is caused by Carbon Dioxide, which is released when land-use changes (such as deforestation), Nitrous oxide released during the combustion of fossil fuels and solid waste. In conclusion, climate change reduces greenhouse, which is one natural resource that decrease pollution, that naturally protects us.

Australia has one of the most diverse and beautiful environments in the world. Unfortunately is beautiful ocean are being killed, as ocean acidification is increasing. Ocean acidification is caused when CO₂ dissolves into the ocean bonding with sea water creating carbonic acid, the acidity depletes the calcium concentrations, making it difficult for crustaceans to build their shells, leaving them vulnerable without their armor. In other words, ocean acidification is bleaching the beautiful corals of Australia. “However, CO2 from human activities has caused the pH of ocean surface waters to drop by 0.11 pH units. This might not sound like much, but it is equivalent to a 30% increase in acidity. Unless CO2 emissions are curbed the pH is expected to fall by 0.5 pH units by 2100; a 320% increase in acidity.”This corals are the home of many aquatic creatures, also to the economy. Why the economy? Because tourism provides Australia an increase in income, but if corals continue bleaching tourists would have anything special or beautiful that would worth their money.

Human impact (activity) its affection to this earth, to the environment in it. Now the impact is on Australia or in Alaska but we never know if tomorrow is gonna be or country, our community. Human activity is changing Earth’s atmosphere faster than it has ever changed during its history. “The 2014 U.S. National Climate Assessment found that rising temperatures, the resulting increases in the frequency or intensity of some extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and melting snow and ice are already disrupting people’s lives and damaging some sectors of the U.S. economy.”. After every day that passes, human impacts increase and if we don’t do anything, we could be the next country being affected by it. In the last century human impact affects more and more countries, 2 in 5 are being affected by human impacts. Many people believe that the earth is changing is normal, and that its part of natural disasters. But what people don’t know is that in the last century the ecosystem is many places has been changed drastically. “LONDON, 2 May, 2019 − Our influence on the Earth’s environment has lasted for a century: the human impact on droughts and moisture patterns began at least 100 years ago, researchers now say.”

Although human impact is increasing we have more technology and the knowledge to make the number decrease, and save the earth’s environment. By demanding companies like LyondellBasell to reduce their production of plastic or any nonrenewable resource items, by a minimum of 20%. Also another option is to start donating to fundraisers that take care of wildlife in Alaska, Australia, Asia,India,etc. Some fundraisers that provide help to those in need, for example, Alaska Wilderness League (AWL) is a nonprofit organization that works to protect Alaska’s most significant wild lands from oil and gas drilling and from other industrial threats. There are many foundations to donate to, each foundation has a different jobs, just like their are many different types of human impacts. Like, Earth Island Institute, Ocean Conservancy, The Sierra Club Foundation, Earthjustice, etc. their is no more justification to save this planet.

In conclusion help the earth our home is possible but we have to take action over it and start helping others and our self. Even if today we are taking a small action is not enough for many places, and we can be the solution because at the end we are the cause of it. We can save Australia from water pollution or Alaska from climate change, or we can save it all (the earth). Why we should choose, if we can all work together and make it possible! Let’s take action over this and save all the creatures from those affected communities, nothing is enough for this crisis. 

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