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Human Nature: All of Us Are Unique

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Nature, who am I? I feel disconnected from myself. The negativity around me creates an imbalance throughout my mind, body, and soul. I am trapped in this physical world, with human beings that are feeding my soul with unhealthy vibrations. Please, guide me to a pathway of blissful happiness, so I can discover my true purpose and gift in life. Help me rediscover who I truly am and allow me to understand my capabilities to my fullest potential, so I can comprehend all that I am to be. Provide me the light so I can leap of faith in all aspects of my journey, where I know no army or mountain can stop me.

Nature, tell me, why do I feel like I am stuck at a pitstop? I feel lost on this winding road, confused with what direction I am taking. There is so much pressure in life, causing me to deteriorate deep down inside. Too much division, separatism, and classification. Am I different from them or am I the same? Constant pressures from society have wounded my connection with you, prolonging the disconnection to have you back, so I can find my true self, in this world full of lies.

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Nature, tell me, why do I feel like I am stranded on an island alone? Like I have no one to express my true feelings too but you. I want to open up to my family and friends, but the thought of burdening them makes me feel worse. I need this negativity that is polluting my sense of thought to go away, to flush away the sorrows that bleed from my eyes. You nurture me during my darkest times and help me come out from my deepest doubts. I want to share my most authentic self, but I feel restricted with judgment and overwhelming emotions streaming in my vortex. I feel at peace, harmony, and alignment when I talk to you. You are the shining star that gazes through my window, inspiring me to be my own unique self and shine like you.

Nature, tell me, why do I feel like I’ve been resurrected? You have awakened the person that I am by drawing the gray areas in my life. You have cleared my senses and help me answer my own questions about myself, giving me wings to fly so I can have a better outlook on life. You have told me the only way to live life is to live it intensely and you have shown me, whenever I am the most afraid that’s when I have to make the jump. You are an incredible example of an angel, who is an unstoppable storm, healer of heartbreak, a confidant, a psychic, a protector, and a best friend. I truly have found myself with the seeds you have planted in my heart that will forever manifest into something beautifully fruitful. And when I hear love and perseverance, it has a face and it’s you. 


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