The Main Problem for Workers Nowadays: Human Replacement with Machines

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Today’s the worth is of doing work on the exact time period which is not mostly easy for human being. Robots are getting famous now a days and people also uses machine to do their works. Robotics is mainly priority for all and we surrounded by machines today. Science is taking place in modern world we cannot go back again in our old lives because everything is moving so fast. And “There isn’t a battle between robots and humans – that’s comparing apples and oranges,” said James Garvin

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Here machines and robots are more effective more than humans. Due to the weak youth and generation people are not capable of doing jobs more than 12 hours the night nap mandatory for the human being for this all situation industries and companies are not hiring people who are nonnative and lazy that is why now a day’s priority is machines and robots. The industrial machines and robots are replacing humans which is the main problem nowadays.

People are using machines in homes even for their daily uses. People think that we have no perfect employee in our industries because they are not obedient and loyal and not faithful they can ill and they want leave for many times for that the replacement is needed from humans and this is the people think to get change in their industries the robots we will be with them and give all the on time with no complains. If we talk about the medical is machines are taking place here too very fast like in surgeries we are using now ultra-technologies for different kind of surgeries like eyes operations and x-rays etc.

If we further talk about the replacement with machines of human so the operative call Centre the system which is running now a days in call Centre that people call and pick phones and transfer their messages and this is all happening via machine and machines are mandatory part of this Centre computing machines are used over here. And the farmers who are really hardworking but now they are also using many machine to farm which is bit easy to work and fast. And we talk about the security system in before times only there were guard only but now have CCTV camera and more so this is also the example in which we people have placed human with machines.

The conclusion is now that we cannot go behind again because we are surrounded by machines and doing our works so easily because machines has made our lives so easy and we cannot go behind again to 6000 BC again where we used stone to make fire now the world has been totally change and this is suitable for us now we have no regret to use machines in our lives this is true that humans are replacing by machines.

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