Human Resource Management : Roles and Responsibilities


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The roles and responsibilities of Human Resource Management are divers in any established and big business organization. Their function surrounds the people and manpower who are working for the organization and their management. Starting from the process of finding and appointing manpower for business organization, allocate them according to their skills and knowledge related task and retain them for as long as possible in order to get better service to ensure input for the company- these are the task of Human Resource Management or HRM. To far extent, Human Resource Management deals also the matter of interacting the customers and potential candidates who willing to be an employee of the company. Therefore, the person who works in HRM should have high caliver, expert and effective to deal with people. This paper will cover the task of HRM in detail taking the example of HRM of Dove, a British personal care company.

The importance of the role of HRM in Dove should be seen in a way of the comprehensive goal of a business organization. The micro approach or department based strategy should avoid. While the role of HRM will be viewed from a holistic point, the real importance of HRM will be understood and realized. Here some of the reasons why HRM in DOve is significant for a business company are discussed.

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  • HRM of Dove guides this business organization to reach the objective in a focused manner providing the positive vision among the workforces, minimizing the expenditure and ensuring the better use of the resources and human resources, etc.
  •  HR of Dove initiate policies to make the workforce better trained to get back better performance for the company and as well as their own promotion. Through this policy any employee gained skilled which even can be utilized if the work shift and join other company.
  •  HR launches such kind of task which makes an individual a team worker who can adjust with others for the purpose of reaching any given target. Unless an employee can adjust with others in a work environment he/she cannot bring better output for the company.
  •  HR of Dove evaluates, prepare, train and choose the future person from the current workers through constant training and follow-up. These guides Dove to find people for the top position from the experienced workforce.
  • Any person should be assigned for a job for which he is qualified and skilled and interested. This task is done by HRM so that any employee gets comfort and feels easy to do his work.
  • Any HR who carries deep insight can carry the business organization at a level where it will make a profit and do best performance. HR can create new opportunities for a company to begin new venture.


Selection is the procedure of identifying those individuals out of many applicants who fulfill the requisite qualification and most potential candidates to do the job of the organization. Through selection the unqualified applicants are eliminated at first point. Different organizations follow different methods of selection and recruitment processes. The following is one method out of many to select the right candidate for the company.

  •  In the first point of the selection process, a company can arrange a preliminary interview to reduce the applicants who do not fulfill the requirements or are unqualified. Although this process helps to get rid of all misfits it also showed a company’s courtesy of the level of public relations.
  •  In this step, some company proceeds to take a selection test which can be varied in module. It generally depends on the type of job and the type of business. Some test is like personality tests, aptitude test or ability tests to come out in the conclusion about the candidate’s performance level.
  •  This step can be an employment interview where the selected applicants will face interview a panel interview or one to one or structured or unstructured interviews, stress interview or behavioral interview.
  • After the selection interview, company will check the references provided by the candidates alongside the background check through email, or phone call. Some company even does not bother to check this reference since it is just a formality.
  •  When the company gathers all sorts of information about the candidates, they go forward to take the most important and critical decision- which is to select the person for the vacancy for what company was looking for the perfect match.
  •  In this step of selection, some organizations may arrange a physical examination of the selected candidate to confirm his fitness test.
  • The final step of the selection process is to provide a job offer letter or appointment letter to confirm and hire the applicant for the post.


HRM plays the main role in any organization to safeguard the relation and the interest of both parties- employers and the employees. As for the employer, HRM finds a way to improve employee relations and to search a way to reduce the costs. As for the workforce, HRM deals with the rights of the employees and their interests that cover the employment law.

  •  HR managers make sure that no dispute raises within a business organization. They implement the policies that none of the body- management or employees feel any kind of discrimination that could possibly instigate unrest and tension in the work environment.
  • HR managers keep their eye to build the workforce updated and capable of facing any kind of challenges. They arrange training programs for the employees to prepare them to compete in the work to produce better results to take their company at a profitable level.
  •  HRM deals with the matter if ever any employee feels that they are oppressed by any means or deprived of any rights. HRM immediately come forward to sort out such kind of issues so that it does not create any further problem and destroy the company’s reputation.
  • HRM always keeps the workforce updated by providing all relevant and necessary information regarding their work or task or employment. Personal issues to the professional guidance of employees are dealt by the HRM.


The roles and responsibilities of HRM in any business organization do not only cover the issues related to the workforce and their relation. Rather, the contribution of HRM is far more extent. The internal input that HRM generates within the work environment and the workforce and the energy and the motivation that is boosted by the HRM through various policies and means have greater impact on the outcome of any business company. Similar to the Dove, after founded in 1950s, it faced competition in the market and different another challenge. However, Dove could overcome these stages. It was possible because of the role play, policies, strategies and overall attempt taken by the excellent HRM. The input of HRM never allowed the business giant to become stagnant, rather it was moving and very soon became international giant and gained a good market share in UK and as well as other countries. The strategies of HRM kept the customers retained, boosted the employees to give their best and produce a work environment that was full of energy and positivity.

Any business organization whether it is small or big, wants to reach incorrect decisions. Taking the correct decision is not the simplest thing as it is thought in a business company. Especially, if it is related to HRM, the taking decisions are tougher tasks. HRM pay a careful examination and deep consideration before approaching any complex issues to be concluded. HRM sometimes follow the following steps to come to an effective decision for the company.

  • The first step of decision making process is the evaluation of the scenario and the reality. The more correctly the situation will be visualized, the more correct decision can be taken by HRM.
  • HRM sometimes should proceed to the stakeholders to know their opinion. HRM has to identify who are those stakeholders are involved in decision making to avoid any further possible conflict.
  • An effective HRM does not rely on a single solution rather they always possess the other options to be considered if required. It guides the HRM to improve the decision making criteria and if helps to find the easiest decision to make in which others are convinced.
  • After reviewing the original scenario along with the optional one with all relevant data and analysis, HRM now can review and discuss which will lead to taking the final decision on which an action plan can be developed to be implemented.


The laws impact HRM in many ways. The small businesses can sometimes overcome the situation, however a business like Dove certainly has to consider and abide by the laws and regulations. The brief of the laws is summarized in the following.

  • HRM has to remove any single sign of discrimination in the hiring and selection process of workers regardless of color, race, sex, religion, or ethnicity. The anti-discrimination laws restrict the practice of discrimination in the workplace in Dove.
  • The laws related to wages guides the HRM to find a policy to select the minimum salary of any employee. It also provides a guideline for the wages of part-time or over-time workers. Child labor regulation is also included in this act.
  •  HRM of Dove keeps consideration the family or medical leave of the workers in terms of necessity. If any employees face any serious illness or any of these family members get ill or child-birth leave for female workers fall under the laws.
  • Some other laws guide the HRM to make a strategy for the employees how they will treat with disability or any kind of medical condition.


HRM functions in a business organization related to selecting, recruiting, hiring, directing and managing the workforce in the workplace. HRM also perform the matter of development, compensation, wellness, safety, motivation, benefits, training, and safeguard the employee’s interest. HRM improves the culture of the work environment and directs the company to reach the goal and objective according the plan. HRM is crucial for any business to find a way of better utilization of the workforce and bring the impact. HRM creates an atmosphere where employees and other related become more engaged, concerned and committed which in further take the business in the successful domain.


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