Human Resources: Choosing a Career to Stability

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Human Resources are used to describe both the people who work for a company or organization and the department responsible for managing resources related to employees. Human Resources are an important aspect to any organization. They resolve matters related to employer and employees in an organization. The Human Resource department manages recruiting, compliance, labor laws and other administrative functions in the office. While I have no experience in Human Resources, my college degree will lead me to a role as a Human Resource Generalist or a Human Resource Recruiter. Recruiters lead the staffing efforts of a company and networking to find suitable job applicants. Human Resource Generalist manages the daily operations of a human resource office including administration of policies, procedures, and programs. HR Recruiters are a specialist of recruiting. Their only focus is to find qualified candidates for a company; however, a HR Generalist deals with all aspects of human resources. When shaping my career path, it is important that I work with a variety of professionals and learn different techniques while adding value to the company.

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To choose a satisfying career first, one must decide what career means. A career is more than an occupation one hold. According to Putti, “Careers can be defined as the sum total of decisions that direct your educational, social, economic, political, and spiritual endeavors and reflect your unique personality characteristics and basic life values”. Considering the meaning of a career, which career between Human Resource Generalist and Human Resource Recruiter will reflect my personality? Which career will I value most? After researching both roles and considering the facts, Human Resource Generalist is the career path I will follow. Recruiters primary task is locating qualified candidates for a role at a company through various methods such as vendors, social media and job boards. Recruiters specialize only in recruiting. There are other task Recruiters are responsible for such as staying current on the company’s organization structure, personnel policy, and federal and state laws regarding employment practices. Granted, with a career that only concentrates on one aspect you easily become an expert in that specific field. However, being an expert in one specific field doesn’t appeal to me. On the other hand, having a good understanding of a wider selection of topics is an advantage to my career. A Generalist learns all aspects of Human Resources including recruiting. Generalist roles are a great way to be exposed to the career field, before choosing a specialty such as recruiting. Managing a team while working consistently to create a positive, productive environment that supports team members is fulfilling. As a natural team leader, you have the desire to learn and are always looking for ways to motivate others while reaching a common goal. My current experience includes administrative work, customer service, and management. Those skills relate more to the role of a HR generalist over a recruiter.

A fulfilling job with great rewards is phenomenal, however, the wage is equally important as the value. Taking into consideration “the measurable inequalities between women’s and men’s salaries, roles, and career opportunities in the field men are twice as more likely to receive senior management development than women” Appleby. It’s not guaranteed the salaries researched are the salaries offered. Per PayScale “an entry-level Human Resources (HR) Generalist with less than 1-year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $45,552 based on 692 salaries” however, “a recruiter with less than 1-year experience can expect to earn $40,633 based on 70 salaries in the Hollywood, Florida location” PayScale . HR Focus states “HR professionals at the director and manager levels who work in recruiting receive the highest total targeted cash compensation”. Manager and directors in recruiting make over $100,000 a year. That substantial pay range comes with years of work experience and a Master’s Degree specifically in Human Resources. A high salary pay with ten years of experience will be my next goal once I have started in my career path. For now, my focus is to attain an entry level position and learn as many skills available to me. Pursuing a career with a salary that can support my family and payback student loans while creating a nesting egg for unplanned events is significant. My feeling towards money and its connection to stability and independence is the driving force into my career.

Not only having a satisfying role with a proper wage aided my decision to choose the career path of a HR generalist but deciding which career that can withstand an economic downfall helped. According to Celma, Martínez, Sorribes. “Economic recession is a period of economic slowdown in the following income, employment, manufacturing, and retail sales”. In the last ten years, I was laid off twice, although I’m employed now, I still feel anxiety about losing a job. When comparing both careers and their functions, the demand for hiring and recruiting will be less if a recession were to occur. There will no openings in the company and no need for a recruiter. After the recession in 2008 “companies were focus on retraining and developing existing employees rather than recruiting outside talent” Wallace. As a specialist to one field, what can you do if you’re laid off due to a recession? You can only wait for the economy to pick up and try to obtain work in a similar field. While learning all aspects of Human Resources won’t keep me from being laid off, delivering quality work, being recognized and appreciated by supervisors and colleagues will show my value in the company. Overall, being in a position where I’m happy and my job is secure gives me freedom to flourish and provide for my family. Job security provides freedom to perform without worrying when the time will come and I’ll be laid off again.

In conclusion, a career path as a Human Resource Generalist will be a rewarding one. The tasks Generalist completes are similar to my current and previous employment. Some similarities include managing a team, working consistently to create a positive and productive environment that supports team members. Having transferable skills give me an advantage to negotiate a yearly salary higher than the given $45,000. Human Resources offers plenty of room for career growth. If later I decide I want to change roles and become a HR Recruiter, the knowledge I’ll gain as a Generalist will help me decide which HR area I want to specialize in, which include HR Recruiting, Benefit Analyst, Payroll Assistant, and Talent Acquisition. HR is an in-demand, potentially lucrative, and dynamic field that offers a wide range of positions, responsibilities, and opportunities. I have no fear of my future, with the substantial research I conducted, that information has led me to a career that is not only enjoyable but stabled and secure if an economic recession were to happen. I’m am satisfied with my career path chosen and is thrilled to be working towards accomplishing my goals that leads to the beginning of my career, my college degree.

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