Human Resources Management Issues in Hospitality & Tourism Industry

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The purpose of this study is for the understanding of human resources management (HRM) issues in hospitality and tourism industry. Industry that are delivered to hospitality and tourism product and services are from across international borders for its customers to a highly competitive and dynamic conditions of market that presents a wide range to the organizational challenges. Human resource management (HRM) is marked for its important tool to meet many of challenges and for the adding of value in a organizations. It just focuses even more on the international HRM.

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Human resources are mostly seen in tourism and hospitality organizations as one of the most important assets. Numerous studies have been examined that how is the performance of an employee can be managed in the contribution to an organizational lowest point. We will discuss about literature which is regarding the issues of human resources management in hospitality and tourism industry. Many of the business in hospitality and tourism industry which includes both small and large industries that has trouble in the understanding to its HR and employment relationship in this case it requires any of the countries they are operating in.

The industry of hospitality certainly has no exception. Many of the cases are more multifaceted rather than in average business. Its constantly determined that 75% of businesses does not have any employees for the agreements and related to policies and procedures. To be an owner of a company in hospitality and tourism sometimes is challenge for so many of the small business. However working in an industry like this can be much satisfying only for those people who enjoy being around people, the nature can make fast-paced difficult for the owners for keeping up with it. Those who are successful in hospitality and tourism business must thrive under pressure, their thinking ability have to be really quick and understand all the importance to keep changing the regulations and rules constantly.

The critical evaluation of human resources management for hospitality and tourism industry

There are some people that can reject the concept of the human element in the business of hospitality and tourism industries which is critical with the services quality, the satisfaction of a customer, loyalty, organizational responsibilities and competitive advantages. Many theories are supported by this belief, the empirical studies in the strategy, models, services, and management tourism literatures the stress that have a critical role in the organizations of human resources. The assets or human capital which includes the skills, attitudes, internal relationships and external, employees knowledge, ability, performances, and behaving right to create advantages for the industries. Attributes of all the employees which are influencing directly by the human resources management (HRM) the organizational capabilities, practices and as well as the climate and culture organizations.

There are many authors who clearly explained that why and how a employee can affect the advantages and performance of the firm. The arguments for the assets or human capital that is directly influenced by the system, policies, climate and culture organizations, performances, capabilities and management, “contribution for the sustained advantages by facilitating and development for the competencies which are specific for firms, producing difficult relationships, A summary for all these arguments will be explained in basic model that where are the human capital stocks of the industry, Human resources management practices, climate and culture organizations, business and internal marketing, HRM strategies and behavior of work related performance, customers needs and being loyal.

The output of the hospitality and tourism organizations are services and have researches for the investigated features which has the services that are most critical and made by the human resources. In the outcome of the familiar catalog: services which are intangible and produced simultaneously, mostly it is about the service which are provided for the location and for all those customers who are going to participate or those which are present in the services, they are usually for the interpersonal interchange between the customers and providers of the services. Owing the features, attitude, making the personality for the services tangible, appearance and the behavior of provider. Employees that becomes the part of the production, who are representing the organization and those who are helping the organization to develop a good image.

Management Skills in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

The hospitality and tourism industry the manager wants to have people who have much skills, so that he can relate both of them to the customers and employees. Manager also needs to have good experience in the leadership position, so that he can be comfortable in leading his stuff. A study that is on major trends which have helped in the shaping of current thinking on modes and for the people who are in management which consist on thinking, performing, and feeling. Personality of the employee must see the importance in gaining a section for hospitality and tourism industries due to the role of performance of employee. All the employers must often use such terms “good behavior”, “Skills on social platform”, and “attitudes” for defining the requirements on skills which are for hospitality and tourism employees. There are many industries and researchers who argue on the employee performance, personality on the employee makes a good influence on the customer service behavior and attitude, satisfying the customer, showing loyalty to customer, and performance of the providers, and success of the organization.

The procedures and policies of a company

Hospitality and tourism industries has many small businesses that do not have a clear setup of procedures and policies for their employees to follow. This is not only a problem but it is also a confusion for members of their staff, which can also cause issues to their health and safety. Manager should have a written operating procedures for their employees that they know what are they expecting from them. They should set a complete procedures and policies so that if any accident is going to happen they can use those procedures and policies in the court of law as the part of their defense.

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