The Origins and History of Human Right Laws

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After World War 2, United Nations was created and thereafter in 1948, members of the United Nations formed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This was to ensure that each and every person regardless of who they are has the same rights and freedom as all others. The European Convention on Human Rights came into being in 1950 and the Declaration and the Human Rights Act 1998 relating to this was brought in as a law within the United Kingdom.

Human Right laws exist to ensure that each and every person throughout the world has the same rights and freedom throughout their life and involves the following:

  • Equality
  • Dignity
  • Independence
  • Fairness
  • Respect

Those people living in the UK have protection under the Human Rights Act 1998 which has 16 items which are:

  • Right to life each and every individual has a right to live. Only under exceptional circumstances can a life be taken such as if a police officer have the need to protect and defend themselves.
  • To have freedom from torture or to be treated by others in an inhuman or degrading way. This is a right that has no exceptions and would never be tolerated.
  • To have freedom from slavery and forced labour. This is a right that has no exceptions that anyone should ever be made to to work under forced labour circumstances or made to do a job they don’t want to.
  • Right to liberty. Each and every person has a right to be free with the exception of those individuals who are either held as a suspect of committing a crime or those held that have committed a crime.
  • Right to have a fair trial. Any person held on suspicion of committing a crime is presumed innocent until found guilty as a result of a fair trial.
  • Right to not be punished for something that was not against the law at the time. A person cannot be found guilty and punished for a crime that was not against the law when it happened.
  • A right for respect in their private life, family life and correspondence. A person has a right to respect within their family home and in relation to any written correspondence.
  • A right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. a person has a right to their own views, thoughts, beliefs and to be any religion they choose to be.
  • A right to freedom of expression. Each and every person has a right to express their own views and opinion even though others may not agree with them.
  • Right to freedom of assembly and association. Each and every person has a right to collect together and promote, express and provide a defence for their opinions and ideas on the agreement it does not cause a disturbance.
  • Right to marry and start family. The law in the UK says two persons must be 16 to marry but providing a couple meet this they have a right to marry and have children, this is regardless of their race, nationality and religion.
  • A right to not be discriminated against in respect of rights and freedom. This is safeguard people against discrimination concerning race, beliefs, sexual orientation or views on politics.

Ensures everyone has a right to an education. Human rights must be taken into account when either a national or international public authority have an issue to resolve. A violation of human rights in a law court can be questioned. If a group of people come together they each have their own human rights but they must also ensure they are not preventing other people from their human rights. e.g. causing a disturbance in a residential area is disturbing the peace of people living in the area.

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