The Importance of Sex Education in the Education Curriculum

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Introduction: Why do Children need to have Sex Education in their education curriculum? Sex education refers to the lessons taught to children to familiarize them with the human anatomy, sexual activity, and human reproduction. Formal sex education also includes educating children on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), and their spreading, and protecting oneself from unplanned pregnancies. Is that so important? To grow as an adult, have a healthy and matured life, one should have a clear picture of what he/she would be going to experience in life. So, right from the childhood to till we reach adulthood by the time we are going to have our own family, one should be in a stage where he can help his children or his younger ones. Inclusion of Sex Education in curriculum: Sex is a natural part of life, and it happens with or without sex education.

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  • One will have a better knowledge about his own body and doesn’t need to know from some other (not get embarrassed asking others)
  • Can lead healthy life in the sexual perspective.
  • Will have the knowledge of what will be the wrong time.
  • Will have an idea and will know what to do at the time of emergency or at the time of pregnancy.

Cons: There are no such Cons, except taking the education itself in a wrong way, and using it in the other side of the fence and worrying after. “Sex education is important. It’s been proven time and time again. We know students who receive formal sex education in schools are shown to first have sexual intercourse later than students who have not had sex education. Sex education does not encourage teenagers to have sex, it does quite the opposite. “ Affects by the time of maturity: By the time one reaches maturity, Yeah! This generation we can see the maturity in children sooner than in the previous days. So, by the time an individual reached the maturity he will be in a state with all the knowledge, the changes that he would undergo in his body, and will be ready for it, rather than thinking what happened? And why did it happen! “Affect of having Sex Education in Educational Curriculum is good!” As a member of Society: As a member of society or as being a brother/sister, I would surely feel this would help them in knowing their body, by the time they reach their maturity and get married.

They will have knowledge about: How does STD spread? What are the things to use to not get affected by STD’s? What are the precautions to be taken? One will have an idea about the diseases that could get by doesn’t taking proper precaution and also can help if someone is suffering with it or having nil knowledge. Threat of Pregnancy and AIDS: Previously, the threat of unwanted pregnancies and STI’s were the main reasons parents talked about sex. Many never did. Sex was made out to be something terrifying that could lead to scandal and disaster and social ostracism. Beneficial/ Harmful: Definitely not Harmful. Anything which gives us knowledge about things which happen naturally, which are about us, aren’t at all harmful, it’s the way we take it.

  • Sex Education is an on-going process.
  • Will have more knowledge which can let us be safe.
  • Can be open, with positive feelings about sexuality.
  • Can give facts, not our own ideas or values with religious beliefs

Conclusion: Every teenager should have sex education incorporated into their schooling. It shouldn’t be opt-in or opt-out but mandatory. Why should parents be able to opt their children in or out of a subject that they’ll need later in life, one way or another? Sex education should be mandatory, comprehensive, medically accurate, and taught throughout student’s school years, just like math. It’s been shown to help students, not hurt. Not only is having access to sex education that is not only comprehensive but medically accurate a human right; it’s our fundamental duty as a society to educate the next generation.

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